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Match King Bakelite Striker Lighters

by Larry Tolkin

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Match King Striker Lighter

Match King PatentThe Match King “everlasting match” striker was first invented in 1933 by Henry Schiff of Chicago, Ill. The striker was an instant hit at the 1933 Chicago century of progress worlds fair. Schiff manufactured both chrome plated versions and molded bakelite plastic models.

I have shown an advertisement from a 1933 Match King wholesale display which shows many of its popular models. 2 close up photos follow.

Match King also used metallique* type plaques on their bakelite versions as early as 1933. Metallique enamel plaques were used for 1933 Chicago fair models as well as Scottie dogs - lucky elephants – drunk on lamppost - and other novelty designs. Match King also made a fun figural Match King Lighter

camera striker version similar in design to the earlier german made Muller and Grunstein automatic camera model.

Match King Striker Lighter

Match King strikers come in a variety of sizes – pocket and table models - bakelite colors - and interesting torch wand top designs. Match Kings are fun to collect and belong in every vintage lighter collection. My favorites are the 2 color bakelite versions.

*Metalliques are metal lace, handcrafted slices of chrome-plated brass, razor thin at five one-thousandths of an inch. Metallique production peaked in the late 1930s.

Match King Striker Lighter Match King Lighter Match King Striker Lighter Match King Lighter

Photos by Larry Tolkin

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