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Lighters By Design - Gerald Stahl

by Larry Tolkin

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Lighters By DesignLighters By DesignGerald Stahl designed 2 of the most recognizable table lighters of the late 1940s - early 1950s (besides Ronson). The style was modern home décor in the period the United States was experiencing a boom in middle class America. Most of Stahl’s table lighters were likely sold as gifts for home entertainment or office use.

Stahl of Rye, New York designed the ASR half cup shape table automatic in 1948, named the “Classic”, and the Zippo Lady Bradford in 1950. Both these lighters were extremely successful and quantities manufactured likely number in the 100,000’s if not millions.

Lighters By DesignLighters By DesignAccording to the design patent reference - the Zippo Lady Bradford was based upon Jacob Sherman's Park Sherman table lighter and William Condon's earlier Lady Bradford model that had a small ribbed rectangular base but was unstable standing on a desk or table.

Stahl later invented numerous injector razors for the Philip Morris company and likely made his living based on those patents.

Lighters By Design


Photos by Larry Tolkin

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