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The Blake Automatic Lift Arm Lighter

by Larry Tolkin

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Blake Automatic Lift Arm LighterBlake Automatic Lift Arm LighterThere are 3 different models of late 1920’s American made automatic lift arm pocket lighters. They are the Douglass automatic of 1925 – the Rex-Lite circa 1928 and the rare unusual Blake of 1927. This is about the Blake which is the most unusual of the three.

The Blake lighter was invented by William Blake in 1927 and features a wonderful turn wheel automatic release mechanism. What makes the Blake very special is the flinting system. The Blake flint is fitted into the snuffer arm thru a screw out knob. This flint loading system is an original and unique design.

Blake Automatic Lift Arm LighterBlake Automatic Lift Arm LighterThe Blake was manufactured in the silver workshop of James Blake of Attleboro, MA. Blake Manufacturing was similar in quality and manufacture to R Blackington of Attleboro. Blake made tea caddies, lockets, coin purses, compacts, hairbrushes, and flatware - mostly in sterling silver.

Blake Automatic Lift Arm LighterShown are a few close photos detailing the mechanism and snuffer to show clear idea of its operation and systems. The Blake is an exciting automatic mechanism lighter. I have not seen another flint system like it on any other vintage lighter.Blake Automatic Lift Arm Lighter

Photos by Larry Tolkin

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