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Cigarette Lighter Advertising

Cigarette Lighter Ads - G-M

Lighter Ads By Brand

The order of ads for a given year is no reflection of how early or late they may have appeared in that year - it is simply the order in which they were processed.

Lighter Ads:    A-F    Evans    G-M    Ronson    N-Z    Zippo    Counter Displays   

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Lighter Ads:    A-F    Evans    G-M    Ronson    N-Z    Zippo    Counter Displays   
SOURCES: Both the Cigarette Lighter Ads and the Documentation share some commond sources. The biggest single source is eBay where various full size original ads are for sale and often good, smaller size scans of these are a part of the item description - these are frequently used here. Additionally, I scan ads from periodicals I have as well as from purchased catalogs. There are also some images from different books: Collecting Cigarette Lighters and Collecting Cigarette Lighters Volume II by Neil S. Wood and Collector's Guide To Cigarette Lighters Book 2 by James Flanagan have also provided some images as well as The Evans Book by Larry Clayton. As time passes I expect more images to be provided by other third parties.