Owens-Illinois Glass

Founded in 1903 as Owens Bottle Company and Merged with Illinois Glass Company in 1929 to become Owens-Illinois, Inc. and today known as O-I the company is still vibrant with 79 plants in 21 countries and offering over 10,000 products. The worldwide headquarters in in Perrysburg, Ohio.

Owens actually began with Toledo Glass Co. (1896-1903). This was succeeded by the Owens Bottle Machine Co. (1903-1911) that made & sold the Owens Automatic Bottle Machine and Northwestern Ohio Bottle Co. (1904-1908). The 1929 merger with Illinois Glass Co (the largest individual glass bottle plant in the world) resulted in the incorporation in 1931 in California of Owens-Illinois Glass Co. Owens-Illinois purchased the Illinois Pacific Coast Co. (largest glass manufacturer on the West coast) later in 1931 and in 1932 became Owens-Illinois Pacific Coast Co.

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