Regel Lighters

Made in Rhode Island.

Altenpohl & Pilgram made some lighters of exactly the same basic design, but in different decoration. The Regel lighters are made using the A & P patent.

This is a double tank lighter. There is the standard cotton filled tank and an extra tank that is filled with liquid fuel and then has a wick to bleed that liquid fuel gradually into the cotton as it dries out somewhat from use. This significantly increases the fuel supply available and, therefore, the number of lights before refueling again.

This is a lighter type that could no longer be manufactured today; it is simply dangerous! If you have a finger or any part of your skin at the back of the lighter when the button is pushed to light it, the snap up action of the top, which meets the base behind itself, will give a really nasty pinch.

If you buy one of this type lighter be wary that the flint tube has a strong propensity to break off and may be broken or about to come apart in one you purchase.

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