Revere Copper & Brass

Revere traces its roots to Paul Revere (of the Midnight Ride) and his business. In 1783 he began selling copper sleigh bells in Boston. In 1788 he established an iron foundry and in 1792 began working with casting copper. Revere died in 1818 at age 84.

Revere & Son becam Revere Copper Co. in 1828 following a merger with James Davis & Son - a Boston foundry.

In 1900 Revere Copper merged with Taunton Copper Manufacturing Co and the New Bedford Copper Company under the name Taunton-New Bedford Copper co. The Revere name temporarily disappeared, though Revere descendants continued to play important roles in the company. In 1927 a series of mergers and acquisitions began that ended with a company named Rever Copper & Brass emerging in November of 1929.

Starting in 1934 or 1935 Revere introduced a line of giftware including items such as ashtrays.

Revere Ware cookware was introduced in 1939.

Art Deco Chrome by Art Linz

Vintage Cigarette Lighters