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Beney Lighters

The Beney Company was founded by Robert Ernest Beney of London, England. R. E. Beney invented and marketed the first Beney mechanical lighter in 1919. Beney also designed and manufactured numerous luxury lighters and striker boxes for Alfred Dunhill of London as well as Hermes of Paris.

Now, Winn & Coates. This company is in paving and waterproofing materials and little mention is made of lighters. This is from the Winn & Coates history:

In 1938, Beckenham based Beney Lighters was acquired, adding utility lighters and precision tools to the company's (Winn & Coates) ever growing list of products. The biggest selling line manufactured by Beney was the Economic Gas Lighter which hung on the side of housewife's gas cookers and was also used for lighting Bunsen burners in laboratories.

In 1939-1940 the company moved its administration to the Beney Lighter premises in Beckenham after the Head Office at Trinity Square along with many company records were destroyed in a 'doodlebug' flying bomb attack.

Beney Ltd. continued producing lighters at least through the late 1954.