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Flamidor Lighters - France

Flamidor was the first trademark used by the Quercia company. Under this brand, only petrol lighters were made - Flaminaire was the associated brand which was used for gas (butane) lighters.

Founded by Janvier Quercia in France in 1890. Quercia emigrated from his native Italy as a youth - changing his name from Gennaru Quercia to Janvier.

Quercia was involved in making lighters in 1908 - soon after the flint was invented by Carl Auer von Welsbach. The first lighters were simple and in 1911 he introduced the Briquet Parisen - a lighter with a removable cover, somewhat like a Zippo. This particular lighter was successful and produced for over 10 years.

In the mid 1920s Janvier's son, Marcel, joined the company. Production was increased by commissioning other companies to make lighters for the company. Janvier died in 1935 and, at that time, Flamidor was the most important lighter factory in France.


PRIMARY SOURCE: Lighters: Gli Accendini by StefanoBisconcini