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Negbaur Lighters

Produced mostly table lighters during the 1930s and through the 1950s - possibly the most well known of these are the cannons. Negbaur was an important manufacturer of automatic figural table lighters. Negbaur was well known for their solid built figural lighters: knights, cannons, chess figures and planes made in the earlier years (1930s and 1940s).

Harry Negbaur of New York designed and manufactured numerous lighters and men's accessories during the 1930s thru 1940s. He was a tool and die maker for the Dollin Die Casting Company of Irvington, New Jersey, that cast the figures. Negbaur appears to have close associations with other lighter designers and manufacturers: Hamilton, Demley, Wedemeyer & Zunder - due to the similarities of some of their models.

Irving Florman of New York also designed for Negbaur as well as Lektrolite and some other manufacturers. He also invented all the New York (American) Dunhill models and later designed the lighter Franklin Roosevelt gave as gift to Joseph Stalin at the Yalta conference.