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Thorens Lighters

Swiss maker of phonographs, music boxes and also cigarette lighters, company founded by Hermann Thorens in St. Croix, Switzerland in 1883.

Thorens lighters were produced from 1913 to 1964; high quality phonographs are still being produced by the company. During 1913-1964 period 5 million mostly petrol lighters were made.

They are sought for by the collectors for their unusual design, clever mechanism, high quality of materials and work. Thorens semi-automatic single claw model patented in 1920 became a greatest success of this manufacturer. Thorens produced the lighters with this mechanism for decades, it is one of the very few lighters having the flint wheel axis fixed from one side only and asymmetric lid give to this lighter it’s unique visage. Later made double claw model was more dependable but the original look was lost. Other models were Oriflam,Vedette, Masterpiece, Blizzard and others.