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View the wonderful wild azaleas in bloom as the fragrance of jasmine perfumes the air at Wild Azalea Canyons.

These pictures were taken 3/16/2001. Typically the azaleas bloom between mid-February and mid-March; this year they were a little late, but just beautiful.

Wild azaleas in bloom
Wild Azalea Canyons Trail Map

The map at the left gives a good idea of the layout of the trail at Wild Azalea Canyons.

It's generally not possible to see any azaleas from the top of the canyon / beginning of the trail. Most of the azaleas are in the area of markers 8, 9, and 10.

NOTE: While we believe the map and GPS positions given to be correct, we do not guarantee them to be and assume no responsibility for any incorrect information. This information is for your convenience to use at your own risk.


GPs North

GPs West

Start - 1 30.53.987 93.36.010
2 30.53.970 93.35.990
3 30.53.971 93.35.987
4 30.53.964 93.35.968
5 - Top of hill 30.53.947 93.35.937
5 - Bottom of hill 30.53.931 93.35.931
6 30.53.885 93.35.900
7 30.53.901 93.35.897
8 30.54.006 93.35.884
9 30.54.039 93.35.892
10 30.54.022 93.35.923
<== 30.54.006 93.35.946
End 30.54.013 93.35.970
4 Wheeler Trail Head 30.54.048 93.36.007
Wild azaleas in bloom
Wild azaleas in bloom

Visitors have been enjoying the beauty of the Wild Azalea Canyons area since the 1800s. In the mid-1960s members of the Magnolia Garden Club started keeping watch over the canyons. In the 1970s Temple Eastex Lumber Company (now Temple Inland) set aside the canyons as a wilderness preserve for people to enjoy. In 1988 the Newton County Chamber of Commerce took up the job of protecting and promoting this unique and beautiful area.

Wild azaleas in bloom Looking into the canyon when it is in bloom Wild azaleas in bloom
Many local residents refer to the wild azalea as wild honeysuckle, but the true name is Piedmont Azalea (Rhododendron Canescens). The azalea reaches its peak blooming period during mid to late March. At times a large, gall-like, green structure appears on the twigs. This edible gall was used for pickling by the early settlers.
Wild azaleas in bloom Wild azaleas in bloom Wild azaleas in bloom
All photos by Frank Dutton - Toledo-Bend.Com