John W. Peck, Jr. Memorial Vintage Diving Museum

at Dive Toledo! SCUBA Center

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Vintage Diving Museum This museum is dedicated to the memory of John W. Peck, Junior. Mr. Peck was an employee and close friend of Dick Wilgus - owner of Dive Toledo and this museum. Mr. Peck was a diving instructor and a commercial diver who was lost in an unfortunate diving accident while on a commercial dive.
The museum contains a large selection of diving equipment and supplies covering military, commercial and sport diving. This vintage equipment ranges from an 1942 Lionell brass compass made for the U. S. Navy to items produced in the mid-1980s. Vintage Diving Museum Vintage Diving Museum
Vintage Diving Museum

Among the vast selection of regulators shown, there is a diverse range of the old double hose regulators.

The museum also boasts a good collection of books, magazines and catalogs of diving equipment from the early 1950s onward.

Vintage Diving Museum Vintage Diving Museum
Vintage Diving Museum
Vintage Diving Museum The museum also has some wood carvings from Belize, lots of nostalgia, and many item that were homemade by divers before comparable commercially produced equipment was made - such as underwater lighting form automotive and aircraft lights.

Vintage Diving Museum


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Vintage Diving Museum Vintage Diving Museum

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