Awards Presented to Toledo-Bend.Com

Toledo-Bend.Com appreciates the many awards we have been honored with. We also wish to acknowledge those who have spent their time and effort to review the site in order to present these various awards.

If you take the time to look through the many award images, you will find many beautiful in their own right. As you move through the awards you will find each links to the site that presented it. Take the time to visit some of these sites - many are exceptionally beautiful or interesting.

Since almost all of these are 10+ years old, most of the links to the sites no longer work because most of the programs and sites have gone away over the years.

Featured on NovaSiteToledo-Bend.Com / Toledo-Bend.Us Honored

The Toledo-Bend.Com and Toledo-Bend.US websites have been jointly honored with a focus profile of the sites as a NovaSite! Sites featured here have been the recipients of awards from AwardSites members - and the Toledo-Bend websites have won many - and many of them prestigious. 2010-11-24

A few of the highest honors we have received are listed below

Award Sites Hall of Honor Superb 200 Website Award Learning Fountain site Topher's Castle - Pau Hana Award Paris Excellence Award Silver
9/6/00 7/10/00 1/14/00 4/23/99 7/10/00
Otakou Creative Design Gold Award Internet Brothers: Helpware for the Cybercommunity GII Awards - Commerce - Semi-Finalist
Awarded in BOTH
Community & Commerce
Critical Mass Award
7/10/00 8/14/99 10/22/99 8/15/99