Toledo-Bend.Com Awards

Golden Lions Gold Award
Wolf's Silver Award
Black Russian Terrier Award
2/23/00 2/24/00 2/25/00
Comedy Zone Cool Site Award One Nation Under God - Morris Excellence Award Golden Rose Award
2/25/00 2/25/00 2/26/00
PeaceWork Certified Site Award Gigafree Award Krista's Korner Award of Excellence
2/27/00 2/29/00 3/2/00
Harbeson Silver Medal Black Panther Pages Must Visit Award
3/1/00 3/2/00
Signature Award for Web Design Globinex Excellent Design Award Iris' Award Hummingbird Award of Excellence and Appeal
3/2/00 3/2/00 3/8/00 3/11/00
Sugar_31's Wonderful Site Award Peter's Corner Best of Web Award
3/12/00 3/13/00
CashFever Top Site Award Eagle ONE Web Design Excellence Award Bob's Mighty Steel Web Site Award
3/15/00 3/15/00 3/15/00
WebGraf Great Site Award Daily Hot Site Award SRP Award
3/17/00 3/24/00 3/29/00

Wacki56 Award of Excellence
ABC's of Parenting Award
for Color For The Colorblind section of this site
Beryle's Award
3/29/00 3/29/00 3/29/00
Rick's Envy Award Helen's Top Class Site Award
3/29/00 4/5/00
Randal's Sanctuary Award of Excellence Gabriel's Website Excellence Award
3/29/00 3/30/00