Lakecaster Online Archives - Aug, 2003


By Joe Joslin
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Hello Anglers. As a pro angler and outdoor writer, I get to try out a lot of new fishing/outdoor equipment. Some of it...a lot of it..... has not worked for me (or for you either probably), but there are many great new products on the market that have the potential of giving the angler yet another slight edge to catch more fish.

THE WEDGE EDGE: One of the new product lines is the Wedge Tail Series from Stanley Jigs, Inc in Huntington,TX. While fishing a bass tournament on Sam Rayburn last year, Lonnie Stanley, owner of Stanley Jigs, pitched me a pack of 6" Wedge Tail Worms. About mid-morning, my tournament partner and I had four fish on board and could not get our last keeper. After about an hour of trying various baits, I remembered the pack of Wedge Tails. I rigged one wacky style and on my third cast a solid 2.5 lb. Rayburn 'chunk' completed our limit. Since that day I have had a Wedge Tail plastic on at least one of my rods. During the past two months(June/July 2003), a high percentage of the bass we have caught in our guide service has been on these baits.

My personal favorites are the 4.5 inch Wedge Tail Lizard (watermelon) and the 6" Wedge Tail Worm (redbug) both rigged Texas style. The small lizard and the Wedge Hog are also super on a Carolina rig. The Wedge Tail Series has a wide variety of plastics including a complete salt water and crappie series in addition to the bass category. On the bass side, some of the offerings include a 4.5 and a 6 inch lizard, 6 inch Wedge Tail Worm, Wedge Hog (creature bait/4.5") and a new jerk bait. These baits are sometimes hard to find but at least two outlets in The Lakes Area have them....Ann's Tackle in Jasper, TX and Toledo Tackle on Highway 6 west of Many, LA. You might also call Stanley Jigs at 936-876-5713 to find your nearest outlet.

OTHER NEAT STUFF: Abu Garcia is legendary to quality fishing reels and the new Torno Series brings this quality to low-profile design. The Torno Series replaced the Tournament 300 Series which was a quality, smooth operating low-profile baitcasting reel. The Torno ,however, is in a different league. My first experience with a Torno was last fall when I received a T3006HS which is one of the up-scaled models, but not the top of the line. There are five models ranging from the T3003 (retailed at $84.95) to the T3006HSI which retails at $159.95. The T3006HS that I received retails at $129.95. I put it on a 7' Fenwick MHF HMG/AV rod and strung it up with 15 lb Big Game line and a Texas rig. After fishing with it for several months, here is what I like about this super new reel. I love the way it 'sits' or fits in my is comfortable.

As much as I fish, a comfortable-feeling reel is mandatory. The reel is quiet, smooth and very difficult to backlash due to built-in precision balance and also external magnetic brakes on the 3004 and 3006 models. I also recently acquired a couple of the T3006HSI models which has the 'InfiniSpool' feature which is basically 'friction free'. This reel is outstanding for making long casts. The InfiniSpool feature allows the spool to spin with a bare minimum of resistance. With the tension backed off, one can spin the spool and the spool will spin for thirty seconds or longer. Unless you put your thumb on the spool, just simply pressing the thumbar can cause the spool to turn unless you set it with some tension.

I found this out the hard way when I spooled the reel with line and then pressed the thumbar to get enough line to run through the guides on my rod. The reel was so free that it backlashed from simply pressing the thumbar(freeing the spool) since I did not have my thumb on the spool. I had never had that happen with any reel. The reel weighs in at just 9.1 oz. I have had absolutely no mechanical problems with these reels and have put a lot of hours on them. The gears and drag system works flawlessly and have done their job on some really heavy bass. If you need a good low-profile reel at a competitive price, the Torno series is definitely worth serious consideration.

AUTHOR INFO: Joe Joslin is a syndicated columnist, tournament angler and pro guide on Toledo. His sponsors include Lake Area Marine in Lake Charles, Skeeter/Yamaha, Pure Fishing, G.T Industries, Stanley Jigs Inc., TTI Industries and ReAction Lures. Reach him at 337-463-3848, 409-565-1288 or