Lakecaster Online Archives - November, 2002


by Chris Wilkerson
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Shorter days, cooler nights and the drops in the water temperatures signal to the bass that fall is here and winter is on its way.

In the fall, bass are real aggressive on most days. That means you are more likely to catch them on a variety of lures. They are just easier to catch from now until the water temps get below 55 degrees. Bass are cold blooded which means their metabolism changes with the water temperatures. Real cold water below 50 degrees will make them inactive or some would say it just like hibernation. Real hot water temperatures will also make them inactive as well during the day when it is extremely hot outside.

My best fishing success for catching numbers of bass is when the water temps are 56 to 78 degrees. Most of the shad have migrated up the creek and to the back of the pockets. You can actually see the pads of shad now when you go into a pocket. One good thing to remember is that the bass migrate with the shad.

My favorite lures for fall are the top water pop-r, Cyclone buzzbait, spinner bait, and crank bait. All of these lures catch bass during the fall months. Stumps and logs are the key structures to focus on. Find a good log and you can catch 3 to 4 bass off one log. Keep moving and you will keep catching them.

Some of the backwater areas of the lake are now grown up with aquatic vegetation. They look really nasty and hard to fish, but they are loaded with bass. For the under water vegetation that has grown to the surface in some places and close to the surface in other places, the floating worm weightless is excellent in these areas. You can cast it out and slowly twitch it back. The bass will eat it in the vegetation. The pop-r is also a good bait in these areas if you can fish it without getting it hung in the vegetation.

It is not uncommon to catch 20 to 40 bass on Lake Livingston in the fall. You will have the lake almost all to yourself. Most people are out deer hunting or have put the boat up for the winter. So you will have some off the funnest enjoyment of the year get out and catch some bass on Lake Livingston.

So always remember before you head out on your next trip to make sure you evaluate the water levels and it’s current conditions to plan for a successful trip. For up to the minute water levels and releases. You can visit my website at and click on lake levels. I also run a professional guide service on Lake Livingston and Lake Sam Rayburn. I can meet each and every need from instructional fishing to the tournament level, you can give me call at (936) 329-2750. As always, these trip are great ideas for you and you family, and especially the kids.