Lakecaster Online Archives - July, 2002


By Chris Wilkerson
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Out on the lake hunting for lunker bass on a hot muggy summer morning or evening, what bait comes to mind? Well, the forgotten about by amateurs and pro's a like, the buzz bait which is sometimes referred to as a lunker lure.

It is pretty easy to fish chunk and wind in the right place and it will make the sleepiest of bass wake up and charge. People will always argue why the bass crush the buzz bait. Some think that they want to eat it, some believe it makes them mad and want to kill it. I tend to think that it makes them mad because they definitely hit it with a vengeance. There is nothing much more exciting in fishing then seeing a 7 lb lunker bass explode on a buzz bait. It will defiantly get your adrenaline pumping. It can happen on lake Livingston in the summer months!

Before you head out on the lake with your lunker lure tied on, be sure to add a trailer hook to it. Just as it is exciting to see a lunker blow up on a buzz bait its is heartbreaking to see it miss it because you do not have a trailer hook . Even with a trailer hook they will sometimes miss it or knock it our of the water.

The most productive way to fish it is to cast it out, hold your rod tip high and reel it just fast enough to keep it on top of the water. You will want to make slight jerks with your rod on the retrieve to make erratic action and slight burst of water. The buzz bait is weedless and will hardly ever get hung up.

It is very important to fish the buzz bait over and around cover such as logs, brush piles and boat docks. The more logs and other such covers, you can run the buzz bait into, the more successful you will be. You can cast it past an object and steer it to the target by moving your rod tip. After, it hits the log, hold on because this erratic movement triggers the "bass explosion."

How long should you fish the buzz bait in the morning? Let the fish tell you that. When the buzz bait is on, it can last all day . Or most of the time it will die off after an hour or two of light but do not give up to soon.

When the buzz bait has subsided it is time to go cranking and flipping. The crankbait bite has been strong as of late and that will continue from now till the fall. The best colors have been white and chartreuse, and blue and black. Logs and boat docks are the place to go catch them.

As or the flipping the plastic worm and lizards have been the best. As for colors, the best producing are red bug and watermelon colors. The main lake boat docks and points are producing good catches and that will continue until the fall.

WHITE BASS White bass action remains very strong with surface schooling activity if your in the right place at the right time. The best areas of the lake have been from the 190 bridge south to the dam. Humps and the road beads and around Pine Island have been producing excellent catches. The bait to use here is the Charlie slab in white and chartreuse colors. Keep what you need, RELEASE the rest to find another day.

So always remember before you head out on your next trip to make sure you evaluate the water levels and it's current conditions to plan for a successful trip. For up to the minute water levels and releases. You can visit my website at and click on lake levels. I also run a professional guide service on Lake Livingston and Lake Sam Rayburn. I can meet each and every need from instructional fishing to the tournament level, you can give me call at (936) 329-2750. As always, these trip are great ideas for you and you family, and especially the kids.