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Let's cut to the chase...

You're looking for someone to do a web site. You want the best price you can get. However, you also realize that it's about more than price...

A web site is an advertising investment - meant to bring a return in a cost-effective manner. It should not be, nor be thought of as, a COST. There is a lot more to a web site than what you see on screen. Even free isn't cheap if you don't get results!

The three keywords for a business are: Location, Location, Location. The same is true of a web site - where the location is the URL. I advise my clients on effective URLs and even their e-mail addresses. Site quality is important - but being found is more important! "Invisible" elements of a page have an effect on having it found - as does the content and layout of the visible portion. And, web surfers are an impatient bunch. A site needs to be optimized to load quickly while presenting comprehensive information.

Design & Create

  • I will design and create your website for you - or utilize a design you furnish.
  • You'll be able to view the current stage of development online, all the time. You can watch the process and make changes as we go along.
  • I am not a graphic designer, but you will get a nice looking website. Most importantly, you'll get a website that is friendly to all browsers. A fancy website that won't display properly on all of your potential customers' browsers will be of limited benefit!
Web Site Screen Shots


I provide the hosting for all of my clients. This way I know exactly what the capabilities of the web servers are. I also know I use top quality, state of the art servers that stay up and running 99.9% of the time... any server will be down briefly, occasionally; the ones I use have the best up-time and some of the highest speeds available.

A Little Extra Clout

Every website I do is promoted briefly through the Toledo-Bend.Com website. Search engines visit Toledo-Bend.Com very frequently because it is a huge, high-traffic website (about 1.25 million hits expected for 2010). This will help your new site get noticed by search engines. And, our Toledo-Bend.Com visitors will see it listed on the home page and visit it, too - giving you an initial shot of potential customers - off to a fast start!

Search Engine Placement

No one can guarantee you results on where your site will be placed by search engines. I can guarantee your site will be noticed and helped by getting listed briefly on Toledo-Bend.Com's home page and a permanent link somewhere within the site - a link from a powerful and popular website will help boost yours. We have some companies that place subtle text ads through agencies on Toledo-Bend.Com and pay as much as $1,000. so their sites will be better noticed - that's the clout this site has!


Depending on your business, there are various ways to promote your site through Toledo-Bend.Com.We offer Banner Advertising (50% discount to website clients, too!) as well as an area Directory of Business & Services. I want to promote my clients so their websites do well... if your site does well, so do I.


I do the photography for my sites using high-end equipment. As of March, 2010 that is a Canon 7D DSLR camera with a selection of lenses including: 8mm Fisheye, 16mm Fisheye, 10-20mm Wide Zoom, 17-35 Wide Zoom, 24-135mm Zoom, 28-105mm Zoom, 70-200mm f2.8 Telephoto Zoom, 70-300 Macro Zoom, 120-300mm f2.8 Telephoto Zoom, 2x & 3x Teleconverters.

Virtual Reality Photography is also available.

Client List

Have a look a the sites I do...
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ADCO Rod & Reel Repair South Sabine Water Supply Company
The Depot Art Guild South Toledo Bend Water District
Dive Toledo! Toledo-Bend.Com
Evergreen Tractor Toledo Bend Gallery
Fred Software Toledo Bend Bi-State Alliance
Garst Lure Design Toledo Town USA / Toledo Town & Tackle Store
Inchlor Services Town of Zwolle, Louisiana
Louisiana Bayou Bluebird Society

Real Estate

First Choice Real Estate Services Toledo Bend Lakeside Realty
Bo Dowden Real Estate Toledo Town Realty
Home Store Real Estate Tryco Realty
  Villages of Cypress Bend

Fishing Guides

Big Fish Guide Service Falcon Lake Guide Service
Covington Guide Service Joe Joslin Outdoors
Darrell Lyons Guide Service Toledo Bend Guide Service / Toledo Bend Cottage

Marinas / Accommodations

Alpine Marina Hermes Fish'n Lodge
Bean's VIP Campground Hickory Ridge Hideaway
BJ's 1215 Camps Hillside Inn & RV Park
Bridge Bay Resort Holly Park Marina
Cabin On The Coop The Loft
Choice Rentals Martin's Nest
Emerald Cove Lakehouse Rentals Pendleton Bridge Resort & Marina
Fisherman's Village Shoreline Lake House
Fox's Lodge Toledo Bend Lakeside Cottages
Frontier Bay House Tranquility Bay Resort
God's Country Sportsmen's RV Park Villa Toledo
  "Y" Knott Lodge
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