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  • Suggestions for Composing your Fish Tale:
    • We suggest you compose your story in a word processor ao you can check spelling and grammar.
    • DO NOT use any special fonts, etc., as these will not work through the submission process.
    • FISHING GUIDES: We welcome fishing guides to submit stories about their clients - HOWEVER, this area is NOT for the PROMOTION of fishing guides. Blatant references to specific guide services or guides will either be removed or the entire story rejected. It is fine to say "my guide" or "the guide", but not "Bill's Guide Service". IT IS PERMISSIBLE FOR GUIDES SUBMITTING STORIES to put "Submitted by [Your Guide Service Name]" - which does give you a little plug without overdoing it.
    • HTML is not allowed - only plain text is to be submitted.
    • Make your story interesting - something YOU would enjoy reading!

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  1. All stroies are expected to be concerning Toledo Bend Lake
  2. In submitting your Fish Tale and picture(s), you must agree to this policy, terms, and conditions.
  3. Only this online form may be used to submit Fish Tales. No otrher form of submission is accepted.
  4. Each Fish Tale must include an email address for the sender. A verification email will be sent to this email address. If it is not replied to, the Fiish Tale will not be used. This is to verify that we have a correct email address for the submitter of each Fish Tale. Your email address will not be published online.
  5. Each Fish Tale must be accompanied by at least one and not more than three photos.
  6. All Fish Tales and photos will be reviewed prior to their appearance on this website. All material submitted must be appropriate in the sole judgement of Toledo-Bend.Com; inappropriate submissions will be rejected without further explaination.
  7. Only very mild profanity for purposes of emphasis will be permitted (e.g. Damn! What a fish!).
  8. No material will be accepted that appears to defame or undully ridicule anyone.
  9. Toledo-Bend.Com will attempt to review all submissions in a timely fashion and get them online.
  10. Photos submitted should be no more than 2.5 megabytes each; all photos will be automatically re-sized upon submission.
  11. When making a submission you agree that all material submitted is your property and/or creation and you have the right to publish it.
  12. You grant Toledo-Bend.Com a non-exclusive and unlimited right to publish all or part of a submission and to make minor alterations, edits, and/or changes so long as the general nature of the content is not materially changed.
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  14. Any compensation you may be due for your submission is realized throught the satisfaction of having such material published on the internet. No additional compensation is anticipated or will be made.
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