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Number: 348     Date / Time: 5/4/2018     Name: JOE MIRANDA
City, State: -No City, State Entered-     E-Mail: OLDSANDJOE@CENTHRYLINK.NET

Message: no reports since 4/2017 !!!!!

Number: 347     Date / Time: 10/30/2017     Name: CHUCK P
City, State: HEMPHILL, TX     E-Mail:

Message: Fished a few of the coves on the west side just north of the Pendelton Bridge. We threw spinner baits, square bills and topwaters but no takers. fishing a shad colored fluke, my pard caught a 2# near the front of one dock 6-10' water. I caught a nice 3+ on a t-rigged senko water/red as well as a 10#+ Bowfin on the same dock - front edge. Later caught another 3# out in the stumps in 8' or less with the senko. temp was 73, sunny and little or no NW wind.

Number: 346     Date / Time: 9/28/2017     Name: Bad Brad
City, State: Baytown, TX     E-Mail:

Message: Went to the lake to mow, Didn't put boat in because of to much work to do. Lots of bait in the back of coves, very surprised Bass weren't after them.. must be water dropping to fast... Any way a cool front or two they should be stacked into the shallows and backs of coves if they aren't already.

Number: 345     Date / Time: 4/18/2017     Name: Brennen Normand
City, State: Hemphill, TX     E-Mail:

Message: I headed up to Toledo Bend this past weekend to try and catch the 10 lb Toledo Bend monsters everyone talks about, sadly that didn't happen. We were able to get on a lot of fish between 3-4 lbs. The first two days of our trip were a little tough but the third day was awesome! We fished a different part of the lake running farther south. We managed to pick up some solid fish. Check out the videos to see how we caught them.

Number: 344     Date / Time: 3/6/2017     Name: CAPT DARRELL LYONS
City, State: -No City, State Entered-     E-Mail: dwlguide@yahoo,com

    Bass~ Excellent seeing fish on beds and staging on points start your day in 6 to 8 ft concentrating on points use a 3/8 oz chatter bait rigged with a lake fork magic shad on it in watermelon red orange bellie or a 3/16 oz TX rigged wave anaconda in sweet potato pie color. as day warms move in to spawning areas and throw a wave tiki stick rigged wacky style in chrismas tree or green pumpkin red flake colors . the best set up for the chatter bait is a TFO 7'3" medium action rod and 20# fluoro carbon line on 6.4:1 reel fish your tx rig on a TFO 7'3" med/heavy rod with the same size line and reel for wackey worms switch to a TFO 7' medium spinning rod with 30# FINS windtamer braid .make sure to have a good pair of polarized glasses like the flying fisherman sea stars to see bedding fish and remember to spray all baits with KICK N BASS 
Crappie~Excellent in 2 to 6 ft of water on bettle spins in orange with a gold blade or a tube in blue/white under a cork on a 1/32oz jig head.
Catfish~ Good in shallow flats at back of creeks on liver and trot line minnows.

Number: 343     Date / Time: 3/4/2017     Name: Kevin Ross
City, State: Kingnut TX     E-Mail:

Message: Where the heck is Scooter Ridge?

Number: 342     Date / Time: 2/26/2017     Name: Slick Willy
City, State: Marksville, LA     E-Mail:

Message: Fished yesterday and caught several knotheads around Scooter Ridge on watermelon black flake senkos. I couldn't find any grass but lots of duckweed that seemed to be holding a few patrolling males. It don't appear the females have come in yet but I expect that to happen in the next couple weeks. Tight lines WB

Number: 341     Date / Time: 2/21/2017     Name: Big Head Randy
City, State: Baytown TX.     E-Mail:

Message: Finally got to go to the lake house with Grandsons after several months, Fished south end of lake... Bass are biting but scattered. Best luck was on the ends of mayor points (5 to 10 ft of water) and the very backend of coves close to deep water. Best baits were Zoom Finesse worms with chartreuse tail with a spilt shot And a Zoom Fluke again with chartreuse tail & split shot. Wind made it tough to fish open water and a lot of boat traffic and rude idiots driving over the top of catchable fish within casting range. I guess it's just some people were not raise right.. and another thing it you like to take your dog with you that's fine and dandy but people please leave him at the house if you can't control him.. I find a barking dog annoying, but letting him just keep barking, and barking and barking, well after a while, well you deserve a sound beating yourself!!! Hope this helps and good luck!!!

Number: 340     Date / Time: 11/2/2016     Name: GLC
City, State: Huffman, TX     E-Mail:

Message: fished out of Fin & Feather back on Oct 1st and a couple hrs the 2nd morning. Stopped at 1st good looking grassy area and on 1st cast hooked and lost a bigun at the boat on a Chugbug. Cousin and I ended up catching 22 from 15 to 22". we caught several from 4-7#. all but 1 were caught on topwaters. was a great day and a half.
Can't wait to do it again later this month.
Yes we released all the bigger ones.

Number: 339     Date / Time: 7/11/2016     Name: richard
City, State: BEAUMONT     E-Mail:

Message: Fished July 1-3,black bass were slow although dad did catch a 9.3 on an Academy crs sexy shad crank bait.The blue cat were good on livers and the white bass were excellent on small crank baits also.