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Number: 107     Date / Time: 3/23/2010 6:58:33 AM     Name: Tom Jones
City, State: Jonesboro, Ark     E-Mail:

Message: The trip is on. Leaving today with a group of guys and a 20lb. Boston Butt. Any tips on catching the elusive large mouth bass. I was told that a muskey spoon in the flats is the ticket...if you can keep it out the grass.

Number: 106     Date / Time: 3/23/2010 3:03:21 AM     Name: D Schafer
City, State: Hemphill, tx     E-Mail:

Message: Fishing been heating up...seeing alot of spotted bass male and female on beds and roaming the shallows...haven't seen too many largemouth on beds..but will very soon...i think that cold front made them think twice... The fish i've been seeing on beds stayed even through the cold thats a good sign....Been doing really good on spinnerbaits , lizards and twin tailed grubs. Most fish caught in under 5ft of water..but finding most of my bigger fish have been caught around boat docks in about 8-10ft.

Number: 105     Date / Time: 3/22/2010 6:36:32 PM     Name: Dill
City, State: Baton Rouge, LA     E-Mail:

Message: Fished mid-lake around San Miguel State Park/1215 area 3/19 and 3/20, two fish boated around 15" (both males) caught on watermeleon red crawfish, texas rig. Weather seemed to mess up the pattern...still no females spotted on beds. We fished every bait possible and everything from button woods to grass beds to shallow flats and points in 4-10 foot of water. Easter weekend will probably be the weekend to be on the water.

Number: 104     Date / Time: 3/22/2010 4:44:22 AM     Name: Webmaster
City, State: Toledo Bend Lake, LA     E-Mail:

Message: COMING SOON - In the next few days we'll have a new section of Toledo-Bend.Com where you can upload your fishing pictures and the story of your trip on Toledo Bend Lake. Watch for FISH TALES to become active before the end of march. We hope you will want to participate! This GUEST FISHING REPORTS section will remain.

Number: 103     Date / Time: 3/19/2010 8:49:04 PM     Name: robert wastson
City, State: rosiclare,il     E-Mail:

Message: I was there from march 5-12 We boated 79 keepers and lost 20-30 good bass a few big ones, we had 15 bass from 5-7lbs in the boat good week

Number: 102     Date / Time: 3/19/2010 8:49:04 PM     Name: robert wastson
City, State: rosiclare,il     E-Mail:

Message: I was there from march 5-12 We boated 79 keepers and lost 20-30 good bass a few big ones, we had 15 bass from 5-7lbs in the boat good week

Number: 101     Date / Time: 3/19/2010 8:26:15 AM     Name: Chris
City, State: La.     E-Mail:

Message: Can someone explain why they are pulling the lake down with 2 generators running 24/7 now that the lake is obviouly stabilized (not rising anymore) ? Its not like July with a hi demmand for power. Lets just suck it down to 169.00 and hope it keeps raining. Stupid !

Number: 100     Date / Time: 3/17/2010 3:18:01 PM     Name: Ivan Culver
City, State: -No City, State Entered-     E-Mail:

Message: -No Message-

Number: 99     Date / Time: 3/16/2010 10:34:14 AM     Name: Sam Raney
City, State: Greenweel Springs     E-Mail:

Message: There were five of us who fished the south end and had a wonderful trip. We caught one that weighed 7 pounds and several that were around 5 pounds. The average weight was close to 3 pounds for the 50 fish that we kept. We did release the 7 pounder as she was full of eggs and we had enough fish. We caught most of them on a blue rogue and a white spinner bait. We fished the afternoon of the 10th, all day on the 11th and the morning and afternoon of the 12th. The wind was a challenge, but we found some calm water in the coves. Water temperature was 62 degrees on Wednesday and 64 on Thursday. They cool front knocked them off on Friday, but overall a great time was enjoyed by all. Be carefull and enjoy God's wonderful creation - have a great day!!

Number: 98     Date / Time: 3/15/2010 8:20:39 AM     Name: Randy n Linda
City, State: Baytown, Texas     E-Mail:

Message: Caught lots of Bass this Sat. ... Fished South end of the lake. We caught most of our fish in 8 to 12 ft. of water out on the ends of points. Best bait was a Zoom Centipede..Watermelon-seed or Watermelon-Red.. Texas rigged with 3/8 weight. Wasted alot of time that morning fishing the banks ....To many People fishing the same Water...
Plus alot of potlickers that see you catch one and the next thing you know they are next to your boat or in the same area when you return later. I know everyone likes to catch fish and maybe some people just don't know any better. But if what your doing is not producing try something diffrent. The fish are there just figure out where they are or why they don't want what your throwing... Good Luck to all... Love you Linda, Hope your first day back to work is a good one.