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Number: 217     Date / Time: 3/20/2012     Name: Jerry Babin
City, State: La.     E-Mail:

Message: If you are looking for a place to stay stay away from TRANQUILITY BAY it was the worst place i ever stayed at in toledo bend it was dirty we did not even stay the whole weekend.the boat house good luck you can park ypur boat but you cant get to shore the walk ramp is broke.they paint a pretty picture on the internet but dont expect much we would have went some where eles but every thing was booked

Number: 216     Date / Time: 3/18/2012     Name: Matt
City, State: Anacoco,Louisiana     E-Mail:

Message: Went fishing today caught 5 on kudzu lizards. 8 feet. The wind was blowing strong from the east.

Number: 215     Date / Time: 3/14/2012     Name: Zack Watts
City, State: Rowlett, Tx     E-Mail:

Message: Fished sat-mon at noon(did not fish sunday noon-6 due to storm). Ended with approx 70 bass, with 50 of those being "keepers". Fished 1215 area sat catching all on watermelon, watermelon/red, watermelon/gold,and kudzu wacky worms(zoom trick) and flukes. Indian Mounds areas sunday and monday morn catching our fish on watermelon/purple, and watermelon/red lizards with the tails dipped chartreuse as well as the baits above. Note, we never found good hydrilla in the 1215 areas but found alot of it down around the Indian Mounds areas.

Number: 214     Date / Time: 3/6/2012     Name: Walter
City, State: Rayne     E-Mail:

Message: Fished The 1215 area the friday morning till around noon and caught 32 fish. They were biting on watermelon red senkos and sweat beavers.Friday after noon fished the cove in the camp around big bass and caught 23 everytthing was caught on senkos weight less in about 5-6 foot of water.Sat mornin my buddies went across to lowes creek and caught good numbers of fish on flukes overall it was a good weekend

Number: 213     Date / Time: 3/1/2012     Name: Raymond Sullivan
City, State: Sheridan, Arkansas     E-Mail:

Message: Ok Walter here I go hope this helps you, your buddies and everyone else. We fished from daylight till about 10 in mornings an again from about 1500(3pm) till dark. Water color was tinted to muddy. the depth we fished was from right up against the bank to about 40ft out.(The fish where staging in the 10-15ft. range) The Black Bass where there. The spotted an smaller Black Bass where along the sea walls that had deeper water next to them. We used only 3 different baits the whole 3 days we where there. I threw a 1/2 ounce Single #5 colorado chart/white with a touch of orange spinnerbait,an a double willow leaf orange (Florancent) spinnerbait. Slow rolled the colorado!!!! an just speed up the willow a little. Caught the bigger fish on the colorado. My son used a crawfish Crankbait that looked like a real mudbug. I think it is a rebel brand. FYI Toledo Town doesnt have any. He fished his different ways. Fast, Slow, Bumping the bottom etc. He caught the biggest fish out of the 3 days. 1 5lb. 2 3 lbs an had a good 6 or so lber get off at the boat. My biggest fish was about 6or7 21/2to 3 lbers. WE WILL BE BACK IN 2 WEEKS TO FISH THE LAST 2 WEEKS OF MARCH!!!! Hope this helps. Just be ready to adjust your fishing style the weather should be warmer an they will be ready to spawn or real close to it.

Number: 212     Date / Time: 2/29/2012     Name: Walter
City, State: Rayne,la     E-Mail:

Message: Ray, how was the water color? And what colors seemed to work best for yall. Also how deep were they. I go there more then all my buddies but havent been there in a 6 months and there all wanting me to find out lol so thats why im asking so many questions. Any info would be greatly appricated!

Number: 211     Date / Time: 2/29/2012     Name: Jack
City, State: -No City, State Entered-     E-Mail:

Message: Zack, I'm with you on that. We always call it Blue Lake but the entire area is "The 1215 area". The real Blue Lake is actually way out in the middle by the river channel. It was a lake before Toledo Bend,, obviously ?? You can see it on most maps especially The Top Spot Map.

Number: 210     Date / Time: 2/29/2012     Name: Zack Watts
City, State: Rowlett, Tx     E-Mail:

Message: Billy, I believe Blue Lake area, and 1215 area is one in the same. Just depends on who you are talking to and what they call it!

Number: 209     Date / Time: 2/29/2012     Name: Billy
City, State: Zwolle     E-Mail:

Message: Jack I always thought the area between San Patricio and San Miguel is Blue Lake area and between Miguel and Lanan is 1215. I know 3229 is Blue Lake road and the old Blue Lake school site is in the flats off the end of hwy 3229. Whatever its called its a great place for spring and early summer fishing

Number: 208     Date / Time: 2/29/2012     Name: Raymond Sullivan
City, State: Sheridan Arkansas     E-Mail:

Message: Me an my son spent the 24-26th of Feb. fishing the the lake. We ended up with 52 catch an released bass an about 25 Crappie for the 3 days. Very enjpyable trip. Where already planning for our return trip in March (the last 2 weeks). I've always enjoyed the Big Bend it was great growing up there an learning all of the hot spots from the old timers it has paid off greatly, we can catch fish all the time an try to help out the other fisherman when we can. So break out the spinner baits an traps an start slinging ladies an gentlemen, THE BEND IS ROCKING!!!!!!!