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Number: 227     Date / Time: 3/27/2012     Name: Butch
City, State: Sterlington, La     E-Mail:

Message: We fished Mon. 3/20 - Fri 3/23. Did great Monday with 85 total white perch between 4 of us. Started good Tuesday, but rain set in and rest of week was mediocre. Still enjoyed a good outing with my friends for the week. Caught all on jigs from 1 ft. to 6 ft. deep. Fish were not as big as usual, but still had 6 gallon bags of filets. Bass and brim worried us a lot, with most bass small and the keepers tearing up tackle. Be back soon with big boat and going for the bass!!!

Number: 226     Date / Time: 3/26/2012     Name: Josh Droddy
City, State: Pitkin, La     E-Mail:

Message: Went dock fishing at Redds Point today. Caught a nice bass using a shiner and then nothing. 2 hours later I caught a nice 11" white perch on a silver rattle trap.. And then nothing. Bait fish were schooling close to the banks in the grass, and the gar were out.

Number: 225     Date / Time: 3/25/2012     Name: Keeley Robert
City, State: Gonzales La.     E-Mail:

Message: Semi annual trip March 18 through March 23. 119 keepers 6 boats. Wacky worms , flukes, and baby brush hogs. Lots of wind and plenty of rain but still a good trip. Had a great stay at Bridge Bay Resort. Looking forward to our October trip.

Number: 224     Date / Time: 3/24/2012     Name: Thomas Deshotels
City, State: Mamou, La     E-Mail:

Message: Guy, please make sure you have adequate live wells on your boat if you plan to releas your fish. We recently fished the Texas Oilmans Invitational and saw a lot of dead fish brought to the scales. Tournament rules state you must have a live well capable of keeping your fish alive through the weigh-in.

Number: 223     Date / Time: 3/24/2012     Name: gasdad
City, State: LAFAYETTE     E-Mail:

Message: Fished for crappie around San Miguel. Did ok thursday evening. Went to Alpine area on Friday to stay out of the south wind--water was very stained and we did not do well. Went back to San Miguel area and the water seemed to have risen from the day before. Did not do well here either. Rising water and muddy conditions doomed us I'm afraid.

Number: 222     Date / Time: 3/22/2012     Name: Darrin
City, State: Sarept, LA     E-Mail:

Message: Jack, thanks. I agree after all this rain, I probably could launch at Mansfield City Hall and just motor down. I am still go to go give it a try tomorrow. The lake has only come up 1 ft. 3 1/2 inches since the rain started. That is far different than Lake Erling here by the house. I think it has come up 4 ft in the last two days. I will be slingin' watermelon/red flake lizards and senkos and see what happens...

Number: 221     Date / Time: 3/22/2012     Name: Jack
City, State: La.     E-Mail:

Message: Darrin,,,, I believe you could launch a medium Destroyer at the end of 3229 boat launch (Bluelake) as of now !!

Number: 220     Date / Time: 3/20/2012     Name: Matt
City, State: Derrider la     E-Mail:

Message: DAMMSPAM Has anybody been bass fishing close too turtle beach? Do you know what baits the bass have been hitting on the best. I've Benny catching crappie/white perch on a fire tiger rattle trap if that helps any.

Number: 219     Date / Time: 3/20/2012     Name: Darrin
City, State: Sarepta, LA     E-Mail:

Message: Also forgot to ask, I assume that I can unload at Blue Lake off of 3229 since the lake level is up. Does anyone know for sure?
I appreciate your help. We are headed down Friday after this monsoon passes.

Number: 218     Date / Time: 3/20/2012     Name: Darrin
City, State: Sarepta, LA     E-Mail:

Message: Does anyone have a report on the Crappie around the blue lake area? Are they still catching any up shallow swimming jigs or under a cork?