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Number: 247     Date / Time: 12/3/2012     Name: James Joiner
City, State: Mcleansboro Illinois     E-Mail:

Message: We crappie fished from 11-25-12 to 11-31-12.There was 4 of us,we caught 390 crappie,2 ops,bunch of bar fish.We stayed at bills landing.Fished at huxley bay.It was an awesome trip.Biggest crappie 2 1/2 lbs.Thanks everyone for their hospitality

Number: 246     Date / Time: 10/29/2012     Name: Dean
City, State: Deweyville     E-Mail:

Message: went 10-25 till today, rotten timing. got to fish thurs afternoon, caught 4 fish in 10 minutes. unfortunately, it was the 10 minutes right at dark, after not getting a bite all afternoon. i guess the incoming front had them shut down. way too windy to fish, at least for me, friday-sunday.

Number: 245     Date / Time: 10/15/2012     Name: Dean
City, State: Deweyville     E-Mail:

Message: Fished Oct 9-12, caught ALOT of fish. First time we had such a good bite that we moved off of fish to try something different. It really didnt matter, we caught fish on almost everything we threw.
Early in the day topwater, as usual, but best was on 3.5 in shad color fluke rigged on 1/8 oz weighted 3/0 wide gap, thrown on 10 lb line. with a light spinning rod, we had more fun than is legal catching 2-4 lbers.
Shallow diving crankbaits, 3-5 ft, were very consistant since bass are chasing shad schools. Smaller baits caught more, but larger baits got the bigger fish.
Worms...fished 12' humps in 20' water. Caught enough to keep us there using anything in any shade of purple. Had more worms torn in half than eaten though. Maybe use a smaller bait? Carolina rig? try it next trip, next week.
Dont know anything about stripers, but got a 12 lb on trotline with live perch in 14' of water. May be normal? Or not. Catfish were good.

Number: 244     Date / Time: 9/28/2012     Name: Dean
City, State: Deweyville     E-Mail:

Message: Fished 6 days the week of the 19th. Hed alot of rain just prior to this trip, so the water had cooled some.
The edge grass is very good in the Alpine area. Had some very good topwater action early and just after dark, throwing black ribbits or a shad color wake bait. Vary the speed....some hit a fast reaction strike, others wanted it very slow, just barely moving.
When the sun got on the water, caught some good fish on 10-14 ft ledges next to a 20' creek. Most were on shad or chrome crankbait, 5-7' deep. Alot of small (14-18") bass on purple monster worms, texas rigged. The small ones were mixed with some great bass. Neighbor got an 8-6 and a 5 in his mix.
If you like catfish, they are GREAT on live perch, 3-5 inch, on trotlines in 20-30 ft close to some kind of cover. If you dont care for big catfish, I caught alot of 1-2 lb channels on my shallow, 4-10' line, baited with ivory soap. Dont laugh, it works!

Number: 243     Date / Time: 9/12/2012     Name: Christopher Pecot
City, State: Hemphill     E-Mail:

Message: Just wondering where i could catch some good bass at in teledo bend,where should we go and what are they are bitting on.. My son and me are looking to catch some good fish, looking to catch Bass...

Number: 242     Date / Time: 9/12/2012     Name: Scott Lahasky
City, State: Lecompte, La     E-Mail:

Message: 8/31/12 to 9/3/2012 Fished Labor day weekend in the area around wildwood resort. The resort was great, but the fishing wasn't as good as I hoped. We did catch several bass in the 12 to 13 inch size and a few good quality fish. Biggest one was 3-14. A lot of wind kept us out of the main lake, so we fished coves. Most fish caught on soft plastics texas rigged. We used tequila sunrise worms, watermelon flukes and watermelon baby brush hog. Nothing on spinnerbaits or crankbaits.

Number: 241     Date / Time: 8/31/2012     Name: brandon frederick
City, State: mire,la.     E-Mail:

Message: My biggest fish ever! fishing the texas side at night. she bite at 11:35pm. at first i thought it was a catfish, but it did not take long to find out it wasn't. she tried her hardest to jump out of the water, but she was too big. she topped the scales at 10lbs 2ozs. that was not the only big fish we caught that night, i also caught one 7lbs 14ozs. that is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

Number: 240     Date / Time: 8/23/2012     Name: Austin
City, State: Center Texas     E-Mail:

Message: Has anyone ever fished out of East Hamilton Boat Ramp on the Texas side.If so where would you suggest fishing. It apears to be across the lake from the 1215 area (Solan/Blue Lake Area)In the old days it used to be a busy river port.

Number: 239     Date / Time: 7/26/2012     Name: Dean
City, State: Orange, TX     E-Mail:

Message: Fished 7-21 for 4 days. Good topwater in 4-6' of grass in the morning. Slow during the day, but some good fish on crankbait in the channels.
A word of caution...LOOK OUT for alligators. Please to not feed them, no matter how cute you think the small ones are. Had a harrowing experience with a large male apparently defending his territory. Spoke to several boats who reported the gators were plentiful and not shy. Be careful! A 200 lb gator can cause major havoc with a boat, and a larger one is capable of creating the kind of headlines we dont want to read.

Number: 238     Date / Time: 7/15/2012     Name: Dean
City, State: Deweyville     E-Mail:

Message: 7-9-12 to 7-11-12 on Toledo, alpine marina area. bass were good on grass flats, 5-9 ft next to creek channels, using shad color square bill crankbaits pulled slow through the tops of the grass. most fish in the 2-3 lb range, largest was 7.3 tuesday morning. fishing in between the storms. lots of smaller fish 14-16 in on topwater (clear torpedo). a few 2 lb white bass mixed in on the crankbaits. lots of shools chasing half inch shad in calm water, larger fish caught under the schools.
Water temp 84 deg, down from 89 deg last week.
Neighbor reports having very good success fishing LARGE shiners 2 ft down under float, if you can find 3-4 inch shiners.