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Number: 296     Date / Time: 6/15/2014     Name: Raymond Sullivan
City, State: Sheridan, Arkansas     E-Mail:

Message: Heading to the Bend tomorrow to visit MOM an get into some serious fishing!!!! So if anybody is on the fish,give me a short run down on what the are biting on. I would really appreciate any info. Thanks guys an gals!

Number: 295     Date / Time: 5/27/2014     Name: Bradley C
City, State: Baytown TX     E-Mail:

Message: Fished Memorial day weekend. Took a while to figure what they wanted and how they wanted it, but put it together after a afternoon of fishing. Bass were scattered on grass covered main points, seemed to be better if the grass was patchy instead of solid mats. 5 to 20 feet. Zoom Flukes in watermelon red and baby bass did the best. Throw unweighted Fluke out and just let sink.. pump once or twice and let sink keeping the slack out of the line or just a very slow stop and start retrieve. Hits will come on the fall, I think they are keyed in the bluegill that are spawning... Way to much boat traffic and of course the idiots that run over the top of the fish that you are fishing for with their big motor. I know everyone wants to catch fish but please be courteous to those that were there first..if you want to fish in your prop wash of a 200 hp motor then please do it somewhere it's not messing up another persons fishing. Good Luck!

Number: 294     Date / Time: 5/20/2014     Name: Mark Corbin
City, State: West Monroe, La     E-Mail:

Message: Fished the Ronald McDonald Big Bass Splash and partner Ray Albritton won it! We fished South of the Bridge from Indian Mounds to Six Mile. All our fish came from 10 to 15 foot depths. Carolina Rigs, Alabama Rigs and Crank Baits. As Joe Joslin said, The Bass population is as healthy as Ive seen it on Toledo Bend after the spawn. We caught numerous 2 and 3 pound fish that was fat and healthy and its wonderful to see the Lake Back Full of Water and Absolutely Beautiful! Congratulations to my partner Ray Albritton for his 11.03 Lunker and his win. We will be back on the Bend the weekend of June 14th For Fathers Day Weekend! Good Luck and Set the Hook Hard!

Number: 293     Date / Time: 5/12/2014     Name: Dean
City, State: Orange, TX     E-Mail:

Message: Fished Alpine area of Toledo May 8-11. Had to fish between alot of brief, but intense, thunderstorms.
Spent 95% of my time with my favorite water frogging in vegatation. Something about throwing a frog into the slop and watching an explosion, then fighting it out, not knowing if the weight on your line is all bass or grass and bass combined.
Wore my frogs (and the bass) out. Biggest was around 5lbs, probably averaged 3 lbs. They were scattered but plentiful.
Most caught on floating ribbets in baby bass pattern or white spro pond frog.
Advice...use heavy rod and line. Broke off a couple on 15 lb floro, then went to 40 lb braid on 7'6" heavy rod. That worked.
Compliments to several boats who stopped to watch the action, even asking questions, but kept a good distance and did not intrude. Thanks to all of you.

Number: 292     Date / Time: 4/28/2014     Name: Mark
City, State: West Monroe, La     E-Mail:

Message: Fished the Sealy Big Bass Splash Friday and Saturday 04/25 and 04/26. Caught 29 bass in the 2 days and caught only 1 4pdr! Majority came on Spinnerbaits and C rigs!

Number: 291     Date / Time: 4/26/2014     Name: Keeley Robert
City, State: Gonzales La.     E-Mail:

Message: Fished Monday thru Thursday at the Bend. Very good trip. Water temp high 60,s to low 70,s. 4 boats 102 keepers. Plenty 3 lbs. A few 4 lbs. One 6lb4oz. Wacky worms, baby brush hogs and swimbaits.

Number: 290     Date / Time: 4/15/2014     Name: Tyler O'Brien
City, State: Deville, Louisiana     E-Mail:

Message: Albc is having a state high school tournament on San Miguel the 2nd of May, I've fished el paucho before on the Texas side near mid lake lodge. But never the Louisiana side. Does anyone have any tips I could use? or baits I should throw? I would really appreciate the advice.
Thight lines.

Number: 289     Date / Time: 4/8/2014     Name: Mark
City, State: West Monroe, La     E-Mail:

Message: Fished Sam Rayburn Friday 04/04 and Saturday 04/05! Buck Bay area and Five Fingers. Buck Bay was as Murky as I have ever seen it due to recent run off and Pine Pollen! My daughter and I caught 7 Friday and 19 Saturday! Largest was probably 2 1/2 pds! Most came on Wacky Worms and Texas rigged Lizards! Windy and Cold. Not good conditions at all!

Number: 288     Date / Time: 3/27/2014     Name: J-ROY
City, State: -No City, State Entered-     E-Mail:

Message: water temp 54-60 location-mid/south lake back of creeks on flats and humps louisiana and texas areas.whacking crappie and bass roadrunners black/chart.rouges n lizzards some on frogs already.most people we saw are fishing too fast.most people were courteous,some need some good old fashioned you know what,don't think they were raised right.the BEND is a wonderful place so many types of water to fish. wildlife galour. good luck n be safe oh and courtous

Number: 287     Date / Time: 3/22/2014     Name: Landry
City, State: Iowa, LA     E-Mail:

Message: Species: Crappie

Date: 3/19

Location: Backs of coves with grass

Outside Temp: 40 early / 65 late

Wind: 5mph out of the north west

Skies: Cloudy morning / clear afternoon

Water Depth to target: 3ft to 6ft

Water Temp: 52 early / 58 late

Jig Head: 3/16 pink jig head with white eye

Jig Body: Bobby Garland Baby Shad in color Blue Thunder

Line: 8lb Berkley

Knot: Rapala (allows the bait to sit level in the water)

Presentation: We TRIED crawling the baits on a cork-less retrieve just above the grass (as we did the day before) without much luck. We then placed corks on the line at a depth of 3ft and used a "pop, pop, stop" retrieve. Upon casting we would let it sit for about five seconds before "popping" (like fishing a shiner), and most of the time that's when they would hit it (aggressively too, so don't look away for too long cause your cork would disappear quick!) We ended up with just a few before going to the cork technique and then quickly caught 21. All were males which were likely moving in the prep the beds for the big females to move in shortly.