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Number: 327     Date / Time: 2/12/2016     Name: Frank Dutton
City, State: Many, LA     E-Mail:

Message: Just caught a 42 pound blue cat on ROD & REEL - What fun!!! Daiwa 170 reel with 17# test line in about 10 feet of water, on the bottom, with 2 shiners on hook.

Number: 326     Date / Time: 2/1/2016     Name: S. Durio
City, State: Grant, LA     E-Mail:

Message: How about the lack of submerged grass in Toledo Bend this year. Is this a lake problem or just an area problem? I have fished in the Pirate's Cove area and it is non-existent. Just curious where it is present in the lake and if we can expect to see some in the next few months.

Number: 325     Date / Time: 1/15/2016     Name: Big Head Randy
City, State: Baytown, TX     E-Mail:

Message: David.. Eggs in the bass are pretty normal for Jan.. I have seen bass on beds in Feb,,, Generally for me Valentines Day sets the mark for when I really start to see Bass trying to start moving up to the bank. Its also the time I will catch some of the larger bass of the year... GOOD LUCK!!!!

Number: 324     Date / Time: 1/12/2016     Name: Ron
City, State: Orange, tx     E-Mail:

Message: Caught some nice bass over past month ripping rattle traps through grass in 4-6 feet of water. Great reaction strikes right after clearing grass.

Number: 323     Date / Time: 1/7/2016     Name: David
City, State: -No City, State Entered-     E-Mail:

Message: Caught a few bass last weekend and kept some to make some fish tacos. I noticed that a couple of them had eggs in them. I was curious if this was normal at this time of year. I tried to google it but to no avail. Could these puppies be spawning early due to the abnormally warm winter?

Number: 322     Date / Time: 1/5/2016     Name: Gray Hair Randy
City, State: Baytown TX     E-Mail:

Message: Good Grief.. I can't take it any more.. last report was 4th of July. I've been hunting down south but that's fixing to change soon.. When I get back up to my lake house I give you a report, there has to be someone out there that has caught some fish. To me these cooler weather months can be some of the most outstanding days to be on the lake,,, Generally if you GET one to bite keep working that same pattern and there will be more.. Trick is to catch that first one.. plus another tip.. when working your bait back in and it just doesn't feel right, set the hook, cold weather Bass can be very light biters ...Happy New Year, and good luck.

Number: 321     Date / Time: 7/7/2015     Name: T-Russ
City, State: Broussard     E-Mail:

Message: Great 4th of July morning trip till 11am with guide Donnie Nixon. 4 in the boat and caught 75 nice sac-a-lais.

Number: 320     Date / Time: 6/27/2015     Name: Red
City, State: Franklinton La     E-Mail:

Message: Fishing at lanana ...the heat is tremendous. Water temp is hovering around 90. Caught some small bass at sunset on a tiny torpedo, and top water frog. Bring plenty of fluids this time of year

Number: 319     Date / Time: 6/24/2015     Name: Dean
City, State: Hemphill, Tx     E-Mail:

Message: Had to make a quick trip to the lake to take real estate pictures. Couldn't resist throwing a few while I was there. Walked the bank with a chrome spook, doing a slow stroll, and for about 2 hours, I had a blast. Largemouth and hybrids were going crazy attacking this lure. Biggest was 21 inches, smallest 16 inches. I don't know if it could have been any better with the boat.
Going back next week, I will know then.

Number: 318     Date / Time: 6/24/2015     Name: Brian Regan
City, State: Crowley, LA     E-Mail:

Message: Fished out of the South Toledo Bend State park for 5 days last week. Caught a few nice bass fishing the Indian Creek area fishing a chug bug in 10 feet of water over hydrilla. Also kept about 150 nice bull bream fishing the bream beds in the shallows with worms and crickets.