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Number: 338     Date / Time: 6/27/2016     Name: Doug G
City, State: Florien, LA     E-Mail:

Message: Indian Creek report. Slightly stained last week. Nothing shallow. Humps all along the TX boat lane. Find 30' and look for humps coming up to 15' or so. 4-1/2" pearl swim w 3/8 oz jig head works best. Caught a lot of White Bass on this pattern as well.

Number: 337     Date / Time: 6/24/2016     Name: John
City, State: Beaumont, TX     E-Mail:

Message: Does anyone have a current report on water condition/clarity at the south end of the lake. . .Indian Creek area; along Hwy 255?

Number: 336     Date / Time: 6/19/2016     Name: Jackie
City, State: Atlanta Ga     E-Mail:

Message: We are wanting to fish Toledo Bend for first time. Any suggest on where to go to put in and what to use.
We will be coming from Atanta, Ga

Number: 335     Date / Time: 4/12/2016     Name: Big Head Randy
City, State: Baytown, TX     E-Mail:

Message: Didn't put in the boat, Fished off of dock Sat. with 7 y.o. Grandson, Just a couple Crappie & Bass. Fished out deeper 10'-12' with slip corks and minnows.. started catching nice Blue and Channel Catfish. All the catfish were stuffed full. Not sure what was going on with the Crappie and Bass.. Lots of bait up shallow but very few fish chasing. Maybe it has to do with lake falling so much the past week. Will try again in a couple of weeks.

Number: 334     Date / Time: 3/29/2016     Name: Gage Guest
City, State: La Porte, TX     E-Mail:

Message: I fished two weekends ago, we caught 20 to 25 Bass in three days. Mostly on a Watermelon Red Baby Brushhog Texas Rigged with 1/4oz Bullet Weight with 3/O Gamakatsu Offset shank hook and 1/2oz Toledo Gold Rat-L-Trap. The best fish were caught off of points near Buck Brush and Hay grass. Caught two or three on a 1/2oz white/chartreuse Booyah Spinnerbait.

Crappie were biting at night 9:30pm-11:00pm in creek channels under bridges. But the numbers were slow. Only 12 in three hours

Number: 333     Date / Time: 3/22/2016     Name: Rob
City, State: Milan, TX     E-Mail:

Message: Catching crappie back cove of Carrice early mornings

Number: 332     Date / Time: 3/15/2016     Name: Gage
City, State: La Porte, Texas     E-Mail:

Message: Find clear water to the south. I'm hearing that swim baits have been paying off along with spinnerbaits and soft plastics fished Texas rigged and Carolina rigged. A few have been caught on Red or Craw colored Rat-L-Traps. Punching into the Hay Grass on the bank and pitching/flipping near brush has been yielding good fish, but with the water level rising and falling not sure. I'll be fishing March 18, 19 & 20 in the Six Mile Creek Area

Number: 331     Date / Time: 3/15/2016     Name: John F. Luck Jr.
City, State: shreveport     E-Mail:

Message: Fishing out of Big Bass March 16,17&18 and suggestions on baits and location? I am very familiar with the lake but open for ideas.

Number: 330     Date / Time: 2/28/2016     Name: Tommy
City, State: Breaux bridge     E-Mail:

Message: -No Message-

Number: 329     Date / Time: 2/16/2016     Name: John
City, State: -No City, State Entered-     E-Mail:

Message: The bass are spawning. Caught over 30 in the 2-6lb range. Had to keep one that swallowed the bait. Full of eggs. Orange rattle traps and shad swim baits. Please