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Number: 47     Date / Time: 10/25/2009 1:53:46 PM     Name: Brian Regan
City, State: Crowley, LA     E-Mail:

Message: Kolby, check out the Joe Joslin fishing report. There is a link on It is the most up to date and accurate report that I have found. Good luck.

Number: 46     Date / Time: 10/20/2009 7:40:30 PM     Name: Kolby Louque
City, State: Paulina, Louisiana     E-Mail:

Message: Heading to Toledo Bend Lake during the thanksgiving holidays. Is there any basic pattern to be followed this time of year? What depth are the fish caught in middle to late november? Looking to catch bass and a few crappie if possible.


Number: 45     Date / Time: 10/19/2009 4:32:19 PM     Name: Louise
City, State: Church Point     E-Mail:

Message: First time to Hodges gardens. How is the fishing there??

Number: 44     Date / Time: 10/19/2009 4:05:33 PM     Name: danny lemoine
City, State: livonia, louisiana     E-Mail:

Message: going to the bend on october 31 to nov, 2 can anyone tell me where good grass can be found

Number: 43     Date / Time: 10/7/2009 11:52:07 AM     Name: Bob
City, State: DeRidder, LA     E-Mail:

Message: Does anyone know where to find historical data for the lake level now? Before the change to the site about a month back there was always a link that would let you look at water level for any date in about the last 15 years. Now it just shows the last two weeks and this date for recent years. Can anyone direct me to the link that will let you search the date you want? Thanks!

Number: 42     Date / Time: 10/6/2009 6:31:52 PM     Name: C-daddy
City, State: many, La     E-Mail:

Message: went to six mile on saturday and caught 23 fish, a few shorts, 2 over 5 pounds and the rest between 2 and 3 pounds, it was an awesome day and plan on going back this weekend. If you're out there look for my red and black ranger in six mile bay. 1/4oz texas rigged brush hog in junebug color.

Number: 41     Date / Time: 10/6/2009 11:29:56 AM     Name: Gary
City, State: Bullard TX     E-Mail:

Message: Fished Patroon Oct 1-4 very few fish caught, mostly small Bass, they were not in the grass or shallows. No one was catching any Bass.

Number: 39     Date / Time: 9/3/2009 8:15:16 AM     Name: Dan Dructor
City, State: Milam, TX     E-Mail:

Message: Found afternoon bite on humps near river on Texas and Carolina rigged worm and lizards. Fishing 15 to 21 feet. 10 "keepers" up to 3 1/2 lbs. in less than two hours.