Brief History of Courthouse Square

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Map of Square - 1950s

The town square, or "Courthouse Square" in Hemphill was built during the period of 1900 - 1915. Most of the brick used in the building was produced by Henry Washington Huffman in a brick kiln located near the present Hemphill High School.

At the left is a drawing of the layout and businesses that occupied the square in the 1950s.

Antique Connection

Antique Connection

The Antique Connection in the historic Hemphill Drug Co. building dating to 1912

Our building opened in 1912 as the "Hemphill Drug Store" and the original Pharmacist was Pansy Addickes. Her husband Leon also worked in the Pharmacy and most folks believed that he was actually the one licensed. There was a large soda fountain and a lady that did watch repair in one corner. Many of our customers tell us that they remember reading the comic books in the fountain area after school until Mr. Leon would tell them it was time to buy something or go home. Also during their ownership there was a fatal shooting out in front of the store over a dog that was killed...kind of a family feud issue.

Later the business was sold to pharmacist Jim Olive and he stayed in this building until a new location was build out by the Hospital (currently named Brookshire Brothers Pharmacy). After he moved his business our building was vacant for many years. Most of the furnishings and contents were sold off at an auction in the 1980's. The Antique Connection opened in 2000 and has had one ownership change. The current owners of the building found hundreds of cigar boxes full of original prescriptions from the 1920's as well as lots of old medicine bottles.

Our store still has the original shelving and the beautiful long leaf pine flooring that is now almost 100 years old.

- from Janna Lehman, Antique Connection

East Texas Guns Toledo Bend Title
Currently the Pace Creek Garden District, the building was originally erected in the early 1900's and was originally the Poye Gas Station, where legend has it Bonnie and Clyde were known to purchase gasoline. Currently Toledo Bend Title, in the past this building has housed a Hospital and City Hall. A few years back, this building was "Crafts & More" and owner Margene Boudreaux told us. "It's amazing how many people come in and say, 'I was born in this room'. Now the operating room is a display room."
Refurbished Building Refurbished Building
Originally the First Nation Bank, it was built in 1906 and opened in 1907. The old safe door has been maintained and is still a part of the building.
West Bank Realtors Pine Cabin Gallery
Currently West Basnk Realtors, this building was erected in the early 1920's and has housed a furniture store, bank, several cafes, clothing store and a beauty shop. The Pine Cabin Gallery is located in an old building just off of the square opposite the court house. The building through the years has housed a variety of businesses and though a number of changes have occurred to the interior, the high ceilings still display the original tin squares so popular in many buildings constructed during the early 1900's.
K C Drugs in Hemphill on the square The Bistro
The building was erected in the early 1900’s. The K C Drug owners purchased the building in 1970, from Tom Parker. Most recently, it was The Bistro.
We thank Weldon McDaniel, Charcoal Hill Publishing, Hemphill, TX for providing information on the history of the square and for use of the image of the square in the 1950s.