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Joe Joslin has been fishing Toledo Bend and Sam Rayburn for 25+ years and has been a full time pro guide on Toledo Bend/Sam Rayburn since 1998.Joe Joslin Outdoors Fishing Guide Service Wholesome atmosphere * Safety minded * Latest equipment. Visit Joe's website at Joe Joslin Outdoors E-Mail Joe at joejoslinoutdoors@yahoo.com

Toledo Bend Reservoir Fishing Report
November 20, 2015

CHRISTMAS GIFT CERTIFICATES: We sell numerous fishing gift certificates each Christmas. We can email the certificate to you or mail it. We sell half day certificates for $250 and full day for $350. Half days are 4.5 hours and full days are 8 hours. They are good for one year and are for one or two anglers. Two can fish for same price as one.

Hello, anglers and outdoor lovers. One thing we have going for us is that our winters are mild allowing us to fish 12 months a year. I love cool and even cold weather as all you have to do is to put on some Gortex and keep fishing. Also, my extremities seldom get cold and if they do there are such high quality foot ware and gloves that are not only warm but very comfortable. American anglers and hunters are very blessed to have so many options when it comes to cold weather gear. There is something truly invigorating to be outside at dawn on a cold morning as it gives you a true feeling of being alive.

One of my favorite times of the day is heading up the lake at sunrise and all you can hear is the sound of wind in your ears and it provides a private moment to give thanks for another day and the beauty of God’s creation. We observed an abundance of wildlife early this week as the waterfowl and animals were very active ahead of the cold front. Numerous flocks of ducks came over the lake heading to our south Louisiana and Texas marshes. Also, eagles (bald and golden),coots, osprey, loons, egret, deer and otter to name a few were all observed this week. It is amazing what can be seen when we take a moment to really look around.

LAKE CONDITION: At midweek the lake level was at 169.2 with no generators running at press time. However, one unit had been running 24 hrs daily until Tuesday. North Toledo is stained, midlake is mostly clear but feeder creeks are stained in the back portions. South Toledo is clear with some slightly stained conditions in back of creeks. Water temps midweek were running 66 to 69 degrees but will be falling the remainder of the week as night temps are to reach the 40s for several nights.

FISHING REPORTS/BASS: We continue to use multiple tools and fish various structure to catch our fish. While we have lost all the hydrilla we do have a good bit of milfoil and coon tail grasses which are holding bass in 1 to 10 feet depths. Even in the clear waters of south Toledo these grasses do not grow any deeper than 11-12 feet at the deepest. Most of it is 10 feet or less. The great thing about hydrilla is that it would grow as deep as 22-24 feet in some areas which made it a great fish holding aquatic vegetation.

I have had scores of questions asked about what happened to the hydrilla.

I don’t have a clue. The only thing different this past spring was that the lake level was much higher than normal and 90% of it was off colored from all the run-off. If that prevented sunlight from penetrating the depth, I don’t know. I can’t see how that would have done away with all of it. I think it is Mother Nature doing what she does. Also, I don’t think it was the spraying of herbicides as the lake is just too huge for the small amount of spraying done to control giant salvinia. I hope we have some of it return next spring as even a small amount would be very beneficial as fish attractants. Hydrilla in the lake definitely helped in the lake being voted the number one lake in the country. It also provides added protection for the Florida Bass fingerlings that are stocked every year.

Back to fishing…..in shallow grass we are using top water, flipping Texas rigs and spinnerbaits. Topwater includes Chug Bugs, Sebile’s Flat Belly Walker and Yellow Magic. We are having best results up top with two pops and a long pause. On our Texas rigs we are using both light and heavy weights and small and large worms including Berkley Bottom Hopper, Berkley Power Worms and trick worms. Spinnerbaits are Stanley Vibrashaft in ¼ and 3/8 ounce versions with double willow blades with shad pattern skirts. Our deeper patterns include Texas rigs, football jigs, drop shot and spoons. Our Texas rigs include the use of Berkley Bottom Hoppers and 10 inch Power Worms.

Our football jigs are ½ and ¾ ounce Stanley Bug eye that I fish on 17 lb Berkley 100% Fluorocarbon. I like a black/blue and green pumpkin jig colors. I fish’em pretty slow with pauses. My conventional drop shot rig is 8 lb test Berkley 100% Fluorocarbon, #1 wide gap XPoint high carbon hook, Revo SX Spinning reel with Fenwick’s Elite Series 7’4” medium action fast tip spinning rod. What a fun rig to fish. I use a Klassic Lures jigging spoons that are no longer on the market. We are fishing drop shot and spoons from 18 to 40 feet.


• The warm south winds scattered the yellow bass after the first part of the week and most were small. We did catch some nice ones last week. Crappie guide, Jack Adams, is not catching as many white perch as a few weeks ago but he is catching some big ones using live shiners and fishing brush piles in 22 to 28 feet.

AUTHOR INFO: Joe Joslin is a syndicated outdoor columnist, TPWD Licensed, tournament angler and pro guide on Toledo and Sam Rayburn. 337-463-3848 or joejoslinoutdoors@yahoo.com and website at http://www.joejoslinoutdoors.com/

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