Map / Directions for Cypress Bend


Toledo Town: Toledo Town is on the East side of Toledo Bend Reservoir, about 6 miles from the edge of the lake, at the junction of Highways 6 and 191. Highway 6 crosses the Pendleton Bridge from Texas - in Texas this is Highway 21/103. Toledo Town is about 12 miles West of Many, La.

FROM TOLEDO TOWN: Take Highway 191 South. Proceed South on 191 for 3 miles to the CYPRESS BEND RESORT / CYPRESS BEND PARK signs on the right. Turn right - West - onto Cypress Bend Drive.

FOR CYPRESS BEND GOLF RESORT: Proceed on Cypress Bend Drive 1.5 miles to CYPRESS BEND RESORT sign on right. Turn right onto Cypress Bend Parkway. Proceed 1.8 miles on Cypress Bend Parkway to Cypress Bend Golf Resort.

FOR CYPRESS BEND PARK: Proceed on Cypress Bend Drive 3 miles to CYPRESS BEND PARK (pass the turnoff to Cypress Bend Golf Resort).

NOTE: Many people may know Cypress Bend as Twin Island - that was the area's former name - they are one and the same.

Map to Cypress Bend
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