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Crappiefest 2000


What would Lake Livingston be without our annual crappie tournament? Thankfully we don't have to find out. Diversified Publishing will kick off Lake Livingston's 15th annual crappie tournament in February 2000.

Crappiefest originators, Bob & Teresa Ashlunder of Diversified have revitalized Crappiefest and are returning it back to Lake Livingston. Crappiefest was successfully held in Lake Livingston in 1997 and 1998, in fact a lake record fish was caught by Sid Henley in 1998. That fish won Sid a new $20,000 boat and motor from C H Marine. Many $10 - $500 & $1,000 winning fish have been caught during these crappie tournaments. So come on out and let's fish.

Crappiefest 2000 is a 60 day tagged crappie tournament. The tournament begins on Saturday February 5 and runs through April 5. This is a no gimmick tournament. All you have to do is purchase a $10 ticket for adults and a $6 ticket for kids 12 and under and go fishing. The ticket allows the angler to fish the entire tournament. If you catch a year 2000 tagged crappie, you win that prize. You don't have to be fishing with a special hook or be in a certain boat as in other past tournaments. All you need to do is catch it and bring it in alive to a participating sponsor.

Crappiefest 2000 will be tagging crappie ranging in value from $10 to a $15,000 grand prize truck. Don't miss out on this tournament. For any additional information call 409-967-8989.

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