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Black Bass Fishing

It was nice to get some rain and the bass are biting. But with the water cooler and off-color, you will have to slow down and use lures with rattles in them. Use your black/blue worms or black/chartreuse, you can put rattles in them. Some jigs come with rattles. Use anything that you can get the bass to bite. Rattle traps worked very slowly will catch them. I'm a jig fisherperson. It gives me a great thrill to feel the bass thump the jig and just hang on. Most of the time with a jig you will have a good solid bass. You have to set the hook hard. I keep all my hooks sharpened. I use a small file. Most bass will be near wood or weeds or creek beds. Don't give up. If for some reason you don't catch bass today, just keep going out and keep fishing. There are days when they bite most anything and the next day you can't buy a strike. I don't give up, just wonder what was wrong. Try to find a pattern and feed them something they want. Most of the time the bass will tell you what lure and how to present it to them. Watch where, how and what you used for the last bass you caught and how the bass hit. We learn by our mistakes, sometimes. At times, just to change color or to downsize your lure will work.

I am hooked on black bass fishing, I love it. But don't forget to catch and release them so other people will have fun catching them too. It never grows old, catching bass. I'm just as thrilled today as I was the first bass I caught. I am hooked for life.

I took time out to go whitetail deer hunting. That is my second great sport, I love to hunt too. On November 18 at 9:10 a.m. as I pulled the trigger on my 2506 Saka - 3 to 7, Leopold scope, 100 gr reload bullet, my big fat 9 point went down. I made a good shot. I was proud of the shot and proud of the nice buck. So I have venison in the freezer. I tried some back strap today. I chicken fried it, it was wonderful.

I hope everyone has a very nice Christmas and happy new year. I've had a good year myself. So we nice to yourself and others and be careful. So until next time, may God bless and keep us all, everyone and everywhere.

P.S. One week ago we killed 8 buck deer on our lease in Groveton in Trinity Co.

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