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Fishing & Outdoor Adventures
By Keith Warren


Our winter weather in Texas has been unusually mild for the past several years. With warmer temperatures than normal, the fishing action is generally very good. As long as night time temperatures don't drop too low and afternoon highs are unseasonably warm, the fish can be caught.

The fish tend to bunch up in large schools during the winter. But, I've found that even though some anglers may find a big concentration, they still can have difficulty getting them to bite. From past experience, I've discovered that little things can make all the difference in getting fish to bite.

The freshwater angler needs to approach the fish with quiet stealth. But rather than fishing a topwater lure, I prefer soft plastics and jigs. These are slow moving baits that have their action basically built in. All the anger needs to do is slow down and fish spots thoroughly.

Bass tend to be object oriented meaning they'll locate themselves next to some kind of cover. Whether it is a rock, tree, grassline or boat dock, these fish won't move far from the bait. Get in close and don't give up if you don't get a strike on your first cast to a spot. I've thrown to spots as many as ten times before getting a stubborn bass to bite.

Remember to downsize your fishing line this time of year. It'll help with casting distance as well as slow the lure more action. Set your reel's drag appropriately for lighter line. Although you may experience some fish that will break the lighter line, you'll get more bites. Remember, you've got to get them to bite before you can catch them!

Over the past month I have received dozens of letters from readers asking "What's with the name change of your television program from 'The Texas Angler' to 'Fishing & Outdoor Adventures?'" For ten years we have produced "The Texas Angler" fishing show. This weekly 1/2 hour show features Texas' best fishing locations as well as helping viewers with easy-to-understand "how to's" that will help them catch more fish.

In the past four years, The Texas Angler has received more awards for excellence in production from the Texas Outdoor Writer's Association than all other programs combined. As a result of these awards, the program has received lots of interest from television stations around the country; most of them are from outside Texas.

The tips, techniques and strategies used to catch fish in Texas will work anywhere. Anglers in other parts of the country look to Texas for the latest in fish catching knowledge.
In order for our program to grow in broadcast coverage, we simply changed the title to make it more generic. It will also compliment our hunting show titled. "Hunting & Outdoor Adventures," which broadcasts nationwide.

The only change viewers will notice will be the title. For those that are not familiar with our program, I would like to invite you to watch. No matter what level of fishing knowledge you may have, you'll learn something from the show. The information is presented in an easy to understand manner. Producers of this show promise to give the viewer the best half hour of fishing on television.

It' not just your typical fishing program of watching somebody catch fish. You will learn valuable information that will teach you to be a smarter angler. From lessons about making more efficient time on the water, to how to properly clean your catch. We don't get hung up on one species of fish either. If it swims, we'll catch it and show you how.

Fishing and Outdoor Adventures will continue the traditions of producing the quality family programming you have come to expect. As important as all the good information is, we pride ourselves in providing a show that will motivate the non-angler into giving fishing a try. Whether you're a tournament angler or just someone that may want to fish, Fishing & Outdoor Adventures is a show you'll enjoy. I do hope you will catch it.!

Keith Warren is the host of Fishing & Outdoor Adventures (formerly known as The Texas Angler Television Show) along with Hunting & Outdoor Adventures, both of which broadcast statewide. Catch Fishing & Outdoor Adventures from January through June and Hunting & Outdoor Adventures from July through December on Fox Sports Southwest Cable Network on Sundays at 8:30 CST. You can write to Keith Warren at PO Box 310379, New Braunfels, TX 78131-0379 or visit on-line at

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