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Black Bass Fishing
By Pat Lambreth

Black bass spawn near, but not here yet Well, we made the year 2000. The spawn isn't here yet but time does go by fast. Bass are biting now but when it warms more, be ready, for the big ones will be shallow. We probably will have cold weather soon, we have had beautiful weather so far. I would try spinner baits, jig and pig, or trailer it with a craw, probably in black/blue or black/chartreuse. Black/blue/purple is a good color for a jig skirt. So many worms and lures are on the market now it's hard to fish them all. I like the zipper worm and craw and lizard and the power worm and many of the cranks and spinner baits. They do improve fishing. I have so many new ones I couldn't mention them all here. Some baits and colors are better than others as we all who have bass fished have learned and the color does work at different color water and time of year. Sometimes we have to try and match the size of bait and color like crawfish and shad and bream to our lures. Craw fish are small in spring and grow and change color later.

Black bass are biting now. Don't forget catch as release as mama bass will go in the beds in the very near future. But you do have to have patience and don't give up. Think every cast will be the largest bass you ever caught. Don't think negative, think positive.

When black bass are on the beds I fish my jigs different than any other time of the year. I fish it very slow and if I see a bass on the bed I throw past the nest ad pull the jig near the nest and gradually pull it in the nest and let it lay there for as long as you can stand it, 10 to 20 minutes. I shake it once in awhile very lightly. Most of the time mama bass can't stand it and she may do a number of things to try to kill it or pick it up easy and swim out of the nest with it and drop it, or inhale it and blow it out of the nest. I think she gets so mad she wants to try and kill and eat it to get it out of the nest and stay out. I have had a lot of fun with them and have spent a lot of time playing with them. When you do catch her take a picture and weight it and very carefully release her.

So get your gear and boat all ready. Put on your life jacket and kill switch and be ready. Until next time, be careful and safe. I hope to see you all out on our beautiful Lake Livingston catching black bass. God bless.

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