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Dam renovation program


After 30 years of continuous service, metal surfaces and electrical components at Trinity River Authority's Lake Livingston Dam are in need of repair or replacement.

The renovation program will cost an estimated $9 million and take almost two years to complete. The Authority issued a notice to proceed to the contractor, Boyer Inc. of Houston, on Wednesday, January 19,2000. The engineering firm of Turner Collie & Braden designed the improvements.

The construction contract for the proposed improvements includes the removal and replacement of protective coatings on the 12 spillway tainter gates, spillway bridge, outlet tower bridge, and all gate hoist equipment.

Only one spillway tainter gate will be taken completely out of service at one time in order to minimize the renovation program's impact on dam operations. All of the renovation work can be performed at Lake Livingston Dam without requiring an intentional drawdown of the lake to complete this work.

The contract also includes the replacement of all electrical control panels, feeders, conduits, motor control centers, lighting, emergency generator, the addition of a dual power supply, lightning protection and a new control room at the east end of the spillway.

TRA's Board of Directors approved an interlocal agreement with the City of Houston in June 1999 to secure funding for these improvements in the form of a cash contribution from the city.

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