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By Keith Warren


After a 4-1/2 hour drive, my 8-year-old son, Kolton, and I had finally arrived at the lake and had started fishing. This kind of drive to take him fishing is getting easier. There is less questioning, "How much longer till we get there?" and more interest in what we will do when we arrive. We were both excited and looking forward to some long overdue action.

The lake was beautiful and with each cast I was confident of a strike. Kolton is still working on his casting accuracy and ability to correctly manipulate the action of a lure. He was eager to fish and if enthusiasm could have made the fish bite, he'd have loaded the boat.

After two hours it was apparent the fish were off. I worked hard and did boat five but Kolton did not have a strike. He became more frustrated with each fish I caught. I knew if Kolton measured the success of this trip by the numbers of fish he caught, it would be a failure.

I suggested we do some exploring around the lake and possibly come back later and fish some more. With a renewed sense of enthusiasm, we beached the boat and were off. The rugged country around Falcon Lake made it easy for me to tell him stories from the past. I explained how Indians lived a thousand years ago and more recently how the lake filled and covered up several towns. When the lake is down, you can actually explore ruins of the towns.

The time passed by quickly and Kolton had completely forgotten about the fishing. He was too interested in all the treasures that lay hidden around the lake. He first picked up an old shed deer antler, then he found some 50 caliber casings that were probably fifty years old. There was lots of broken flint type rocks in one area and he even found an arrowhead. After several hours, his little pockets were full of what he called "neat stuff." So much so that his pants would hardly stay up.

We were thirsty and needed a break. Upon arriving at the boat we emptied our pockets and ate our lunch. It was late and time to drive home. "This was one of my favorite fishing trips, Daddy, and I didn't even catch a thing." He said. I had to agree that it was my favorite fishing trip too.

In my line of work, I see and know so many people that measure the success of a fishing trip by the number of shots taken or number of fish caught. But what happens when there are no birds to shoot or the fish don't want to bite?

All too often the serious hard core outdoors person keeps the pressure on to find a covey or to catch that fish, while the novice or beginner is there to have fun. The next time your hunting or fishing trip isn't working out as you panned, sit back and take a look at what else there is to do. If it's finding unusual looking shells on the beach or discovering a freshly shed snake skin, each has a unique story and excitement.

When we arrived home, Kolton emptied his finds on the driveway and with excitement told his 4-year-old sister, Matti, about our fishing trip. Then she said, "Daddy, I want you to take me on a fishing trip like that."

Keith Warren is the host of Fishing & Outdoor Adventures (formerly known as The Texas Angler Television Show) along with Hunting & Outdoor Adventures, both of which broadcast statewide. Catch Fishing & Outdoor Adventures from January through June and Hunting & Outdoor Adventure from July through December on Fox Sports Southwest Cable Network on Sundays at 8:30 am CST. You can write to Keith Warren at PO Box 310379, New Braunfels, TX 78131-0379 or visit on-line at

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