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Black Bass Fishing
By Pat Lambreth

The black bass fishing is in full swing, I believe. Many lakes are very low now but our Lake Livingston is holding up very good. The water is clear. I'm glad to see the very needed rain we are getting.
I have been getting some very good reports of black bass hitting very well up north in Bethy Creek, Caney and all the creeks, in stumps and grass, as they are looking for bedding sites.

Use white/chartreuse spinner baits and traps. But I still like lizards and craw worms and my old favorite jig in black and blue.

Six and seven pounds are the largest bass I have heard of caught but at this time of year I'm sure there are larger ones. Many fishermen don't let anyone know what they catch or where they fish. But this time of year find a protected place out of the wind in a pocket or cove in shallow water on northwest side in weeds or brush or some kind of structure. Don't forget to try some pink craw worms or what you have in this color. When bass are on beds this is a good color to attract mama bass. I have used it and it does work.

We are having beautiful weather so come on out on Lake Livingston and bring the whole family so everyone can have fun together. Don't forget catch and release. Pick up your free Lakecaster Magazine. You will find so many interesting things to read and learn places to eat and marinas where you can have fun. Get hooked on fishing and not drugs and you will have a lot of fun with the whole family. My grandfather taught me to fish and I still love the sport. I remember the first fish I caught was an opp catfish and he said, "You have to take it off the hook." I did and I have been hooked on fishing ever since that day. I have since gotten hooked on black bass fishing and I love it. It is such a thrill to feel that tap on a jig and set the hook and the fun is on. I also like the black and blue flake 12' worm for black bass. I have had a lot of good luck with it. As large as it is many swallow this 12' power worm.

So get out and put your life jacket and kill switch on and be nice to yourself and others. Until next time, God bless.

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