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The most successful anglers are those that spend their time wisely on the water. Time that is wasted tying on different lures, spooling fresh line onto reels, looking for misplaced tackle and even making sandwiches will add up at the end of the day. Professional anglers make efficient use of their time by having things ready before arriving on the water.

One of the best ways to be prepared it to have several different rod and reel combos already rigged up with different lures and new line. Also, the better organized your equipment is, the faster you can locate it. Take a look at any professional angler's equipment and their boat. You will find them clean, organized and ready to fish.

Last week I found a sure fire way to add at least 15 minutes to my fishing day. I discovered a Carolina Ready Rig from Top Brass Tackle. This already assembled rig is a must for the bass angler that fishes for sluggish bass.

Sluggish bass tend to go deep and suspend near the bottom. Reaching them with a crankbait is tough if the depth is more than 20 feet. A Texas rigged worm is fished right on the bottom because the slip sinker is at the lure. But a Carolina rigged worm suspends off the bottom. Here's how it works.

Tie a heavy slipsinker to your monoline, a couple of glass beads for noise and color, then a barrel swivel. Then tie leader material to the other end of the swivel with a worm hook. The length of leader will determine the height off the bottom the worm should float.

Make long casts and rather than hop the rig as you would with a Texas rigged worm, simply drag it slowly. The bite will be more difficult to feel than the Texas rig because the lure is not attached with such a loaded line. Strikes feel soft and appear as though there is slight resistance. A quick hookset and you'll know.

I have spent lots of time making these rigs and come up with lots of sluggish bass that otherwise wouldn't have been caught. Threading the line through the weight and series of beads and swivel takes patience. But the Ready Rig is already assembled requiring the angler to only tie to his main line and leader.

It is available in several weight sizes and is made of a durable wire harness with polished brass weight and colored glass beads. The combination of brass and glass creates more noise than with the conventional lead weight. Now that bass have spawned out and moved deeper, you'll see more anglers
using Carolina rigs. These should work well until the long summer days are over. Then bass will move shallow again.

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