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Black Bass Fishing

Spawn over for another season Our water level has been good this year. I believe we had a good spawn. The bass have bitten very good this year and should continue. The weather is warmer and they are always hungry. You may get some good bites on devil horses and Pop R's and don't forget the chug buy. Worms in Junebug and dark colors, cranks in fire tiger. I don't know how many fishermen use the Carolina Rig, or wacky rig. You can rig them different ways and they do catch fish.

Ask Myra Lamb. She won $500.00 at Sam Rayburn at McDonald's tournament. We have used them for a long time. You may have to work harder for bass now as most of the timber are gone but they are here and you can catch them. Many good bass are being caught as usual, 7 lbs. and down and the bass I have seen this year look healthy. Myra Lamb's bass was 26" long and only weighed, I believe, 5 lbs. 7 oz. It was long and skinny. It had just come off the bed. I guess it should have weighed 10 or 12 lbs., if she had been fat.

The weather is so beautiful and warm. It's time to get out on the water and wet a hook or just get outdoors and on the water and have fun. I love the outdoors. Don't forget to take your children to fish, and wear their life jackets, and practice catch and release. Tell them why we catch and release. Also don't trash our beautiful Lake Livingston. So put on your life jacket, plug in your kill switch and take someone fishing. Have fun and be safe and be nice to yourself and others. If you see someone in trouble, help them. The next time it could be you. Until next time, God bless you

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