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Black Bass Fishing
By Pat Lambreth

The spawn of the black bass of 2000 is over. She is getting into the summer pattern as usual.

The rain is good. We should be enjoying the beautiful weather out on our beautiful Lake Livingston. The black bass are biting on Wacky Worms in watermelon, green and seed with a hook with a very light weight on the hook and a guard on the hook to keep it from hanging up. Top water is good early like Pop R's , devil horses, spinner baits are always good, worms in black and blues, jigs too. The crank baits are working very well as usual.

Points with brush or weeds are good now. Also boat docks, most of them have brush under them. Try deeper water later in the day when the sun gets up.

Don't forget to take your children fishing and their friends too if it's okay with their parents. Wear life jackets and don't forget catch and release.

Many people say start the small children with pan fish and small tackle. But what I learned is that many of the children see that Dad & Mom are fishing with heavy tackle and they want to use that kind of tackle and catch the larger bass. If they are able to handle larger tackle let them try if they are strong enough. If the water is rough the children should wear life jackets all day, even adults fall overboard sometimes. Don't forget to throw the pillow if someone does fall overboard.

Don't forget to pick up the free Lakecaster magazine. It has so much good information on the lake and little towns around the lake, many good places to eat and many marinas. It would be a nice drive on a beautiful day to visit some of those places and the many business places around the lake. You can get a lot of information on fishing or where to buy a home or many other things you may be interested in. So get out and have fun and be careful. Be good to yourself and others. Any time the big engine is running, wear your life jacket and plug in your kill switch. Have fun. Until next time, God bless you all.

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