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By Keith Warren


Much of Texas has recently received heavy rains. Many lakes and rivers have muddied up. This rapid change in water clarity changes the way fish feed. Most of the time it will slow the bite down considerably, unless you are targeting catfish, then you are in luck.

This is not to say that you can't catch catfish in clear water, because you can. But, off colored water is better every time. Catfish are present in virtually any body of water in the state. They actually prefer muddy water for some reason. I am under the opinion that the mud particles in the water and the swift movement help the fish locate food through their sense of smell.

I am a firm believer in chumming an area prior to catfishing. Just throw out enough to bring them in. If there aren't any catfish in the area within 20 minutes, you need to move on. There is one particular product, Line Buster Chum, which is available at most tackle stores. It is very pleasant smelling when dry and comes in a container ready to mix. Follow the mixing directions, wait for it to sour, then take it with you fishing, throw it out and wait.

Blue catfish and channel catfish rely on there sense of smell to locate food. This is why the more offensive the odor of the bait, the better the result. Yellow catfish prefer live bait over dead bait. They rely on their limited vision to locate forage. These yellow cats are occasionally caught on dead bait. Most of the time it is when you have a baited hole and there's a lot of action from channels and blues. The yellows will be attracted because of the other fish in the area, not the bait you are using.

Summer is a great time to take advantage of these easy to catch fish. Now with off colored water, your odds of success have just gotten better. Line Buster Products has an entire line of great catfishing products available at all Academy Sports & Outdoors. They also manufacture " The Glove." You can contact Line Buster at 800-720-3580.

We also have a video that entirely features catfishing. "How to Catch Giant Catfish" is available for $14.95 at any Academy store, or contact our office to order direct.

Keith Warren is the host of Fishing & Outdoor Adventures (formerly known as The Texas Angler Television Show) along with Hunting & Outdoor Adventures, both of which broadcast statewide. Catch Fishing & Outdoor Adventures from January through June and Hunting & Outdoor Adventure from July through December on Fox Sports Southwest Cable Network on Sundays at 8:30 am CST. You can write to Keith Warren at PO Box 310379, New Braunfels, TX 78131-0379 or visit on-line at

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