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20.05 Lbs Takes Livingston White Bass Challenge
By Ed Snyder

-Father & Son Team Sets Tournament Record-

6th Annual Lake LivingstonWhite Bass Team Challenge
Sunday, June 18, 2000, Penwaugh Resort, Lake Livingston, TX.

"My son treated me to this White Bass Tournament as a Fathers Day present, stated the proud Dad, "and you can see how I thanked him, he grinned as they put their 10 White Bass on the scale which weighed 20.05 lbs, setting a new tournament record for "ALL" White Bass Tournaments and taking the "braggin'-rights" to the 6th Annual Lake Livingston White Bass Team Challenge.

"This has been one heck of a tournament, grinned Harry Dehtan, tournament director and owner of Penwaugh Resort. "I mean to tell ya', he continued, having a 20.05 lb 1st place weight backed up by an 18.50 for 2nd and an 18.11 for 3rd, "Man, that's some mighty healthy sand-bass catches in any ones book.

1st place-(10 Whites/20.05 lbs)- "We've been experimenting with a new fish attractor, stated Danny Gallier of Onalaska TX, explaining how he, and his son, Dale, managed to find White Bass with 2 lb averages. "It's a new underwater structure rig that we're developing, he continued, stating that after you place it in key areas and in just a short time the algae begins to grow that in turn attracts crawfish and baitfish, which in turn attracts small fish and then the larger game-fish. "So, that's basically what we did today was to run my Stratos/Johnson to these artificial structures and catch the fish which were holding on them. The father & son team worked Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with 17# Stren."We fished these spots with chartreuse/white Strike King crank-baits, Danny informed, telling that they probably caught 40 to 50 good Whites from those areas which culled to their 20.05 lb winning weight -plus- the 2.31 lb "overall" biggest white for the tournament.

2nd-place-(10 Whites/18.50 lbs)- Randy and Slade Dearman of Onalaska TX, managed to put their Triton/Evinrude "EVERYWHERE" stated Randy, as he explained that they ran south, they ran north, and all points betwixt to catch their 10 Whites/18.50 lb 2nd place finish. The bassin' duo worked Browning rods and reels spooled with 15# P-Line while fishing #1 and #3 chartreuse Strike King crank-baits. "We must've caught between 40 to 50 Whites today, they informed.

3rd -place-(10 Whites/18.18 lbs)- Skeeter/Yamaha put us up on Kickapoo Creek for catching our fish, stated Billy Freeman and Tarry Jackson of Houston TX. The fishing pals worked Shimano rods and Ambassadeur reels while cranking creeks and ridges with green/black Mud-Bugs and trolling torpedo's rigged with pet spoons. "We found our fish holding along the 10' to 14' breaks, they explained.

4th-place-(10 Whites/17.11 lbs)- Indian Hills Point, informed Scott David of Goodrich TX, and Gene Swann of Onalaska TX. "We just sat there between two boat piers and worked them over with white, or chartreuse/white Deep Baby Little N's. The anglers used Allstar rods and Garcia reels spooled with 20# P-Line. "We must've caught at least 150 Whites today, stated the Kickapoo Bait & Tackle team.

Top 4 winning teams:
1-Danny & Dale Gallier--------------10 Whites/20.05 lbs-$540
2-Randy & Slade Dearman-----------10 Whites/18.50 lbs-$405
3-Tarry Jackson/Billy Freeman------10 Whites/18.11 lbs-$270
4-Gene Swann/Scott David-----------10 Whites/17.11 lbs-$135
"Overall" Big Bass-(2.31)-Danny Gallier and Dale Gallier-$250
For more information for next years White Bass Challenge event call Harry Dehtan at Penwaugh Resort-(936)-967-4752- for info on the fish attractor contact Danny Gallier at (409)-646-4398.
Tournament Sponsors: Quality Marine, CH Marine, Boat Super Store, Glass Etc, 1st State Bank, Driving America, Perfection Landscape, Awesome Autos, 1st National Bank, General Wire, City Café, Kickapoo Bait & Tackle, Swann Lake Properties, Brookshire Brothers, LakeCaster Publications, Charlie Slab CO, Livingston Ford, "and" the 6th Annual White Bass Team Tournament anglers

The Gallier's with part of their 20 lb win

The Dearman's with part of their 2nd place finish

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