Lakecaster Online

By Pat Lambreth

This beautiful weather should bring people out on our beautiful Lake Livingston. Just be careful of the wind. Our lake is holding water and keeping it at a good level from all the showers.

The black bass are biting very well. You might have to work a little harder if the water is off color where you are fishing. Harry at Penwaugh marina said he has some good fishable water at his place. I would fish a crank bait in fire tiger and mud bug in craw color. Dark worms, or jigs in black and blue and always try the spinner bait and early try top water Pop R, or spooks, and the rogue in black and gold. The rattle trap works well. It has a rattle that gets the bass' attention in off color water. They can hone in on it better. Many smaller bass are biting and sometimes a six pounder or better. This is good fishing. I'm glad to see the small fish too for they will grow to be lunkers someday.

Don't forget to catch and release. This is one of the reasons we are seeing more bass. If we keep harvesting fish you won't see as many fish. Just think when you kill one fish how many more fish you are killing because this one fish would lay eggs and produce many more fish. I love to bass fish. I like to fish very much. I fish for many fish but black bass are my favorite fish. I like the way they fight and the many moods about them. Some days they are very hard to get a bite and other days you can't do anything wrong.

I have a new worm I'm anxious to use. I will let you know how I do.

Don't forget to use plenty of sun screen and drink plenty of cold water and wear cotton clothes, loose fitting is best, and a big hat. Years later you will be glad you did. Have fun, be careful and be nice to yourself and others. Put on your life jacket and plug in the kill switch before you start the big engine. Be safe and have fun outdoors. God bless to you all.

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