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If you are looking for a fun and easy to catch fish, you don't need to look far. Summer is the time when fish catching is at its best when it comes to panfish. The reason is, May is when most of them spawn and summer is when they feed. These fish are extremely aggressive and easy to catch. There is no limit on them and they are great eating.

Blue gill, perch, bream and sunfish are just some of the species of panfish that spawn in May. Small lures like the Blakemore Roadrunner or tube jigs work well. Also, live crickets fished on the bottom will get a bite almost every cast.

The best equipment is an ultra light spinning or a spin casting combo outfit. Spool with 4 - 6 pound test line and use 1/16 ounce lures or weights to hold down your cricket. Sight-casting is easier for the anglers using a pair of polarized fishing glasses. These glasses help reduce the surface glare and enable the angler to actually see under water. They can be purchased at tackle stores for under $10.00.

Panfish are great fish to take first time anglers fishing for. They will enjoy the nonstop action which will help them want to make another fishing trip. While there are lots of different species of fish to catch in our lakes, I don't think there's an easier fish to catch than the panfish.

If you haven't tried eating them, you don't know what you're missing. Simply scale, remove the head and guts, rinse clean and they are ready to cook. I have had them many different ways, but dipped in cornmeal and deep fried is hard to beat. The meat is white and flaky. It takes a little time to get it off the bone, but it's worth it. If I had to pick the best panfish lake in Texas, it would be tough because there are many good ones, but Toledo Bend is my favorite because of the size of the fish. The average size is almost as big as a hand.

Keith Warren is the host of Fishing & Outdoor Adventures (formerly known as The Texas Angler Television Show) along with Hunting & Outdoor Adventures, both of which broadcast statewide. Catch Fishing & Outdoor Adventures from January through June and Hunting & Outdoor Adventure from July through December on Fox Sports Southwest Cable Network on Sundays at 8:30 am CST. You can write to Keith Warren at PO Box 310379, New Braunfels, TX 78131-0379 or visit on-line at

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