Lakecaster Online

By Pat Lambreth

Hot! Weather in Texas always is in July and August. But the early part of the day is usually calm and cool and nice. Drink plenty of ice water and wear loose clothes. Cotton is best. Also wear a hat and, believe it or not, long sleeves to keep the sun off your skin. Use plenty of sun screen.

I'm glad to say we have a lot of small bass in our lake now and many are keepers. You will have to spend more time trying different patterns. They are there and have to feed. If you can find the larger ones and give them what they want, you can catch them.

Crank baits are good now and always spinner baits in white. Our lake has been in good shape all year and has plenty of water. Some of the fish are shallow but do try some deeper water. Brush is always good and try boat docks if the water is deep enough and has brush. Anything a bass can hide by to seek shade from the sun and ambush a meal.

I still like my jigs all year in black or blue and smaller now. We fished a tournament at Toledo Bend in June. Most of the better fish came on Wacky Worms or brush hogs and as usual many other things. One day they seem to bite on June bugs and next day red bugs with flakes and watermelon color and seed. You should have heard the laughs when I pulled out a black worm with a yellow stripe on each side and I fished it wacky style. That's all I caught my fish on and I caught a lot of bass. I asked my husband if he wanted my ugly worm to try and his reply was, "I wouldn't be caught with that thing on my hook. You are going to run all the bass away."

He fished with many baits and caught bass too. I fish other things but my ugly worm, as they named it, caught bass. I will fish it again. I had a worm many years ago like this worm and it paid off for me. So get out and try your luck on whatever bait you like best. My old ugly worm just might be your lucky day.

Don't forget catch and release and life jackets and kill switches. Until next time be safe and catch bass. God bless you all.

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