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Black Bass Fishing
By Pat Lambreth

No matter the sizzle, fish must eat

It's been a sizzler this month but relief should be on the way soon as September is near. I'm sorry to say but black bass fishing is slow, but the fishermen who know the pattern on Lake Livingston know where to fish and what lure to use. Get out early if you can. Top water early, later worms and jigs and you can still catch some good bass this time of year.

I used to fish the river above the high line with a mud bug and catch good bass this time of year and I believe if you can find any logs or brush along the river or creeks you can still catch good fish. They are going to be where the water is cooler or moving water. The water always moves some in rivers and creeks and they want something like docks for shade and ambush. Early morning I would start with top water baits. Sometimes they want a chugger and devil horse and if they won't bite this try something with no blades. You have to give them what they want at different times. Worms are good later in the day maybe 8 ft. deep or deeper. Black and blue is a good color, or watermelon seed color also.

Several small bass are being caught on cranks and small worms. My husband caught some bass on the walking worm in red and black. When the water starts to cool larger bass will start to move and bite better. This is a good time to string new line and work all rods and reels over. Oil and repair them. Get your boat ready too.

I hope you all get out on the lake and be safe and catch fish and don't forget catch and release all species of fish you don't eat. Please don't waste them. Be sure to handle them carefully especially this time of year. Don't forget put on your life jacket and fasten it up and make sure your kill switch works and plug it in. Be nice to yourself and others and keep safety first. Until next time may God bless and keep everyone safe.

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