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9 Bass/26.98 lbs. Takes Lake Livingston Team Championship Tournament
by Len Fairbanks

Bass N Bucks 2000 Team Championship Tournament

Sunday, September 24, 2000 - Waterwood National Resort and Country Club, Lake Livingston, TX. .... This article could have been titled "What a Difference One Day Makes" or "You Don't Have to Weigh In 10 Bass to Win a Boat in a Championship Tournament" or maybe most appropriately "Don't Give Up After the First Day of a 2 Day Tournament Even if You're in 30th Place." As the 83 teams participating in the second and final day of the Bass N Bucks Teams Championship Tournament slowly idled away from the docks at scenic Waterwood National Resort and Country Club this morning, many questions arose, "Could 1st day leaders, Sid Abernathy & Bob Bryant repeat their first day efforts and take home the first place prize of a brand new 2001 Skeeter ZX202 bass boat powered by a 2001 225hp Yamaha outboard?" "Would the small, south lake point that had produced so well for local Trinity, TX pro David Curtis and partner Butch Carmacke on day one, give up another good limit and allow them to pull out of Waterwood Marina with the second place prize of a brand new 2001 Skeeter ZX202 bass boat powered by a 2001 225hp Yamaha outboard?" "With 25 limits being caught on day one, could the any of the 10 teams who brought only 4 fish to the scales for the first day weigh-in hold any realistic hopes of claiming one of the top 2 or 3 spots on the final leader board?" "Which teams would solve the shallow water puzzle of Lake Livingston and earn the right to take home their share of the total purse of $110,064?" All of these questions and more were answered today at the final weigh-in for the Bass N Bucks 2000 Team Championship Tournament.

Shallow water was pattern for Day One and held for Day Two, as almost all of the anglers reported catching their bass from 6' of water or less. 25 limits came in on Day One, while 23 limits hit the scales on Day Two. So, while it appears the fishing remained fairly consistent for both days, the names and faces on the final leader board sure changed from Day One.

First Day Recap - Top 15 Teams from Day One

1 Sid Abernathy/Bob Bryant 5 bass/15.05 lbs.
2 David Curtis/Butch Carmacke 5 bass/14.00 lbs.
3 Pete Shivers/Scott Springer 5 bass/12.96 lbs.
4 Stephen Johnston/Mike Cortelloni 5 bass/12.70 lbs.
5 Dicky Newberry/John Gunnels 4 bass/12.48 lbs.
6 Richard Tatsch/Brian Bennett 5 bass/12.20 lbs.
7 Harold Allen/Glen Freeman 5 bass/12.10 lbs.
8 Billy Higgins/Rodney Low 5 bass/11.97 lbs.
9 Mike Metcalf/Zach Tuttle 5 bass/11.85 lbs.
10 Dennis Fikes/Larry Weppler 5 bass/11.76 lbs.
11 Russ Carter/James Carter 5 bass/11.75 lbs.
12 Gerald Granger/Peter Sorter 5 bass/11.65 lbs.
13 Brian Schott/Jim Smith 5 bass/11.14 lbs.
14 Larry Lovell/Lyndel Pearson 5 bass/10.66 lbs.
15 James Hewitt/Mike Wheatley 5 bass/10.53 lbs.


1st place team-(9 bass/26.98 lbs.) Day Two Big Bass (3.86 lbs.) - Dicky Newberry/John Gunnels - "We flipped pumpkin/blue flake Stanley Tuba Tubes around mainlake boat houses yesterday, but could only come up with 4 keepers," shared Newberry. "Luckily, one of those was that 5.54 pounder that bit my tube at about 2:30, right before we had to leave to come to weigh-in. We went back to the docks this morning and we couldn't get anything going. My partner, John Gunnels, had been warting me about going and checking some fish in a muddy midlake creek that we had found before cut-off. We went in there during official practice and the water was muddy and we couldn't get bit, so I didn't have a lot of confidence in making the move. Finally, about mid-morning, when it started looking like we weren't going to be able to get our dock fish to bite, we made the move and Man, am I glad we did! We started flipping 3/8 oz. and 1/2 oz. pumpkin green Stanley jigs with pumpkin green Larew Salt Chunk trailers in some roots along a bluff bank that dropped off to about 10'. Those fish were suspended on that bluff bank and we caught our first limit by dropping those jigs over a root and stopping it about 4' or 5' down and just shaking it and those bass would come eat it. I really feel like those fish were just roaming around in that muddy water looking for crawfish, because you could go down a bank and drop your jig by a root or stump and not get bit. Then you could turn around and come right back through the same water and one would grab it on the first shake, right by the same root or stump. We probably caught 12-14 keepers today and another 4 or 5 short fish. Not only was that bluff bank working, but we also caught some fish off of some laydowns in 4'-5' of water and caught some more off of some stumps in 2'-3' of water in a bend of the creek. Didn't catch the big fish till about 2 o'clock this afternoon."

2nd place team-(9 bass/23.36 lbs.) Sean Hoernke/Fred Janke - "We caught everything that we weighed in both days, on 1/4 oz. and 3/8 oz. black/blue Lunker Lure Rat-L-Back jigs tipped with black/blue Gambler 4" crawworms," stated Hoernke. "We had 3 key areas up White Rock Creek where we flipped those jigs into some laydowns and logjams in about 2'-5' of water on the bend of the creek. Yesterday, we caught probably 19 fish, but only 4 of them were keepers, today we caught about 27 fish, but 12 of those were keepers. I can't really explain what changed, but I'm sure glad that it did! It really surprised us to be able to jump from 30th place all the way to second, and to be taking one of those 2001 Skeeter/Yamaha rigs home. I guess it just goes to show you that almost anything can happen in tournament fishing."

3rd place team-(9 bass/22.99 lbs.) Matt Reed/Ricky Friedrich - "We did the exact same thing both days. Fished the same creeks above the Hwy 19 bridge, and fished the same super shallow cover in 2' of water or less," exclaimed Reed. "We fished the same 3/8 oz. black neon Stanley jig with a black and chartreuse crawworm trailer and we fish the same black neon Stanley Tuba Tube both days, and I can't begin to tell you why we caught 14 keepers today but only caught 4 keepers all day yesterday. We caught around 20 short fish both days, but the better fish just didn't seem to want to bite yesterday. But that's tournament fishing, after being in 23rd place after yesterday, we're proud to have moved up 20 places to finish 3rd. We would have liked to have moved up 21 places and be taking home one of those 2001 Skeeter/Yamaha rigs, but we don't want to be greedy." Matt wanted to be sure and thank Shimano, Mercury and Cobra for their support of his tournament efforts and Ricky wanted to thank Ranger Boats.


1 Dicky Newberry/John Gunnels 9 bass/26.98 lbs. 2001 Skeeter ZX202/225hp Yamaha ($35,000 retail) + $680 Day 2 Big Bass
2 Sean Hoernke/Fred Janke 9 bass/23.36 lbs. 2001 Skeeter ZX202/225hp Yamaha ($35,000 retail)
3 Matt Reed/Ricky Friedrich 9 bass/22.99 lbs. $3,800 + 2 2001 Motorguide Tour Edition Trolling Motors
4 Billy Higgins/Rodney Low 10 bass/22.90 lbs. $2,800 + 2 Shimano Rod & Reels + 2 Costa Del Mar Sunglasses + 2 gal. Yamalube Oil
5 Russ Carter/James Carter 10 bass/22.73 lbs. $2,000 + 2 Shimano Rod & Reels + 2 Costa Del Mar Sunglasses + 2 gal. Yamalube Oil
6 Pete Shivers/Scott Springer 10 bass/22.62 lbs. $1,500 + 2 Shimano Rod & Reels + 2 Costa Del Mar Sunglasses + 2 gal. Yamalube Oil
7 Harold Allen/Glen Freeman 10 bass/22.20 lbs. $1,450 + 2 Shimano Rod & Reels + 2 Costa Del Mar Sunglasses + 2 gal. Yamalube Oil
8 Richard Draper/Philip Marks 10 bass/21.94 lbs. $1,400 + 2 Shimano Rod & Reels + 2 Costa Del Mar Sunglasses
9 Brian Schott/Jim Smith 10 bass/21.82 lbs. $1,350 + 2 Shimano Rod & Reels + 2 Costa Del Mar Sunglasses
10 Sid Abernathy/Bob Bryant 8 bass/21.47 lbs. $1,300 + 2 Shimano Rod & Reels + 2 Costa Del Mar Sunglasses + $680 Day 1 Big Bass
11 Stephen Johnston/Mike Cortelloni 9 bass/21.21 lbs. $900 + 2 Shimano Rod & Reels + 2 Gas Certificates
12 Randy Qualls/Ricky Rachall 10 bass/21.18 lbs. $850 + 2 Shimano Rod & Reels + 2 Gas Certificates
13 Stan Burgay/Lance Hughes 10 bass/20.92 lbs. $820 + 2 Shimano Rod & Reels + 2 Gas Certificates
14 Archie Hayley/Alan Swarts 10 bass/20.83 lbs. $800 + 2 Shimano Rod & Reels + 2 Spools of Triple Fish Line
15 C. Boulware/R. Hollingsworth 10 bass/20.32 lbs. $750 + 2 Shimano Rod & Reels + 2 Check-It Stiks
16 Jack Adams/Harvey Coward 9 bass/19.93 lbs. $440 + 2 Shimano Rod & Reels + 2 Check-It Stiks
17 Kevin Hatcher/Jerry S. Oden 9 bass/19.89 lbs. $440 + 2 Shimano Rod & Reels + 2 Check-It Stiks
18 Bill Hudspeth/Keith Jones 10 bass/19.86 lbs. $400 + 2 Shimano Rod & Reels + 2 Check-It Stiks
19 David Ozio/Kevin Wing 8 bass/19.00lbs. $200 + 2 Shimano Rod & Reels + 2 Check-It Stiks
20 David Curtis/Butch Carmacke 7 bass/18.22 lbs. $200 + 2 Shimano Rod & Reels + 2 Check-It Stiks
21 Tommy/Chuck Waggoner 9 bass/17.49 lbs. $200 + 2 Shimano Rod & Reels
22 Jerry McMullen/Randy Turner 10 bass/17.28 lbs. $200 + 2 gal. Yamalube Outboard Motor Oil
23 Shane Hamilton/Roger Hudnall 8 bass/17.25 lbs. $200 + 2 gal. Yamalube Outboard Motor Oil
24 Kirby Caldwell/Dean Wood 9 bass/17.24 lbs. $200
25 Terry Burghart/Ricky Potts 8 bass/17.16 lbs. $200

All bass were live released via the BassNBucks Recovery crew.

For more information on this, as well as other Bass-N-Bucks fishing tournaments contact David Concienne at (409)-727-8941.

Bass-n-Bucks team sponsors: Skeeter Boats, Yamaha Outboards, Dawson Marine, Latch Oil, Inc; MotorGuide, Shimano, Nautilus, Zercom, Dual Pro-Charger, BootsFollmar Marine, Triple-Fish Line, Philpott Ford, McFerrin Ins, NeedMore Tackle, Check-it Stik, Ramada Inn Jasper, Holiday Inn Express Jasper, Piney Point Plaza, profishingreport "and" the Bass-N-Bucks Team Anglers.

Dicky Newberry/John Gunnels,1st Place Team, 10 bass/26.98 lbs, 2nd Day Big Bass (3.86 lbs)

Matt Reed/Ricky Friedrich, 3rd Place Team, 10 bass/22.99 lbs

(standing l-r) Tournament Director David Concienne, Sid Abernathy (1st Day Big Bass), Dicky Newberry & John Gunnels (1st Place Team, 2nd Day Big Bass), Sean Hoernke & Fred Janke (2nd Place Team), Ricky Friedrich & Matt Reed (3rd Place Team)

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