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Black Bass Fishing
By Pat Lambreth

It did get below 90 degrees and how nice and welcome the rain. Black bass bit even though the weather was hot. The fishermen who know where to look for bass and present the right lures this time of year will catch fish.
Way to go, Scott. I'm proud of you for your win. I would never doubt your fishing.

I have seen him fish and fished in the same area years ago. Many of us fishing almost every day and we released them after weighing and taking pictures. I also fished around the area where Johnny Myers fished. He is a great fisherman.

I'll bet you win, that is a nice 6 lb. fish for summer time.
I remember how bad the weather was the day they fished this tournament. I have been out on the lake in very bad weather on Sam Rayburn when a tornado came through. We were very scared. I'm glad you all made it safe and caught fish.

I have had good luck with the brush hog in watermelon and red flake on other lakes also. For larger fish I have better luck on the large hog. The spinner bait is working well now, in white. Try cranks too, in fire tiger. Worms always work good for me in black and blue.

So as the weather is great, get out on the lake and try your luck. Put your kill switch on and life jacket on, for safety. Don't forget catch and release. Be nice to yourself and others. May God bless and keep every one.

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